Who Knows What From The 4-9th

I feel like I’m home now from all those trips although I’m not entirely sure how I got here. One thing though, on Tuesday Rome and I had a nice lunch and then a wander in their town and stopped off in a new place that had been open only two days. The owner in there was lovely selling her own paintings, also crystals, jewelry, tarot cards, greeting cards, etc. She asked us if we wanted her to lay out cards for us and we said “Sure!”.

Rome got New Vision-The Bard-Water and I got Gratitude-The Butterfly-Nest. It was fun for us to work out a story that went with the cards.

On another day I was walking to where I had parked the car in Santa Monica and came up this place with an entire WALL of tarot card decks. Yikes indeed.

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