World Band Festival

I saw these banners on the first day and thought I should check it out. But I didn’t. And then as I was heading out for the day I ran across this – A Band Festival. Outside there were concert bands and brass bands and ensemble bands. There was also a competition inside for which paid tickets were required. Lucerne btw flies the blue and white flags.

From inside the festival meet-and-greet looking out on one of the stages.

Me in a tympani. It hasn’t been cold but it has been wet and my raincoat and an umbrella has been working well.

There were three stages and they all took turns playing and it was AWEsome. These three would play for an hour or so and then another three bands would take their place.

It was awesome, it was also raining. The crowd did its best to snuggle up under the canopy.

These two were playing soprano trumpets in the brass band. They were so good, the conductor was adorable, and they chose excellent pieces for the venue. Three cheers from me!

It hasn’t run since I got here.

The gate from the original train station, the train station that has now been built three times.

It was fun to run across these pillars of flowers around town.

And the lovely folks at the excellent Visitors’ Information Center.

Another interesting museum full of a ton of some of my favorite things. “Experience some unforgettable encounters with wonderful works of art. Enjoy works by Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee and another 23 artists from the age of Impressionism and Classic Modernism.”
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