Yas and Michael and Go

I’ve been in a lively correspondence with some old friends from my first computer job in the late 70s. I saw Yas, who lives in Japan, once or twice 20+ years ago and I haven’t seen Michael, who lives in Pennsylvania and snowbirds in Florida, for more than 40 years. This is a story told often now-a-days, people meeting up with old friends online. Yas has been patiently playing Go with Michael while Michael slowly gets better at the game.

Yesterday I got an email from Michael with the above picture and the title “I won!”. So I asked the guys for a selfie and Yas sent the three below. Michael got inspired and sent three also.

This is not so much a baby picture of me but it’s the youngest I could find. I have a few boxes in the garage, high up and heavy, too much for me to get down. Maybe I’ll have something in there?

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