So…the tooth is gone,…

March 7

So…the tooth is gone, the infection is gone, that’s all good, I think you can hardly tell, and I have not been in particular discomfort for even a moment. But, I do have to go back. SIX times. Not the one-and-done I was hoping for but oh well, the dentist didn’t think my bone was in good enough shape to do it all at once. So in an abundance of caution…SIX more visits:

1-have the bone graft
2-have the graft stitches out
3-place the implant
4-have the implant stitches out
5-mold for the crown
6-have the crown put in.

And that’s assuming the mold they took previously is good enough for the ‘spacer’ they want me to wear until it’s all done about eight or ten months hence.

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