’19 March

My tooth and etc…

I’m merging the pictures…

March 25 and March 30 TWO visits to LACMA in One Week!

I’m merging the pictures from Monday with Nancy and Saturday with the fam celebrating Darryl’s FIFTIETH birthday. Happy HAPPY Birthday Big d!

Three Quintains (Hello Girls)
Alexander Calder (United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1898-1976)
United States, 1964

This fountain was built along with the museum and has been an iconic site ever since. I love this thing, right up there with Levitated Mass and Urban Light, I’ve just loved this one for longer.

During the upcoming rebuilding of the museum they are going to move this piece across the street to a new home.

Rauschenberg: The 1/4 Mile,…

Rauschenberg: The 1/4 Mile, it was fun to wander down the aisles of this work packed with images of various locations.

Me and Nancy, Art inside Art?!

This is from an…

This is from an exhibit called The Bauhaus at 100: Modern Legacies.

I want that picture. I just found it on Amazon. All Right,

Oskar Schlemmer, Germany, 1888-1943
Bauhaus years: 1921-1929
Grosse Brucken Review (Great Bridges Review), 1926
Color offset lithography on postcard

Angela was taking a…

Angela was taking a break from this eye-spinning exhibit that will close in two days. Eye-spinning brain-twisting 3D. They had four different kinds of glasses to look through for the various technologies. I think I’m too old to really enjoy 3D but I’m glad to have see this exhibit.

“3D: Double Vision

“The quest for perfect 3D representation drives innovation, stimulates creative expression, and sparks wonder in generation after generation. 3D: Double Vision is the first American exhibition to survey a full range of artworks, dating from 1838 to the present, that produce the illusion of three dimensions. These artworks function by activating binocular vision—the process by which our brains synthesize the information received by our two eyes into a single, volumetric image.

The history of 3D begins in the 1830s …”

Cool thing, this! …

Cool thing, this! “Zhu Jinshi’s mixed-media sculpture “Wave of Materials” will be on display as part of “The Allure of Matter: Material Art from China””

Charles White, we loved…

Charles White, we loved the show, painted this picture in 1969 the very year of Darryl’s birth. The fifty year old man with the fifty year old picture. And what does that say about ME, the mother of a fifty year old man!


Installed in 2012 “Chris…

Installed in 2012 “Chris Burden’s Metropolis II is an intense kinetic sculpture, modeled after a fast paced, frenetic modern city. Steel beams form an eclectic grid interwoven with an elaborate system of 18 roadways, including one six lane freeway, and HO scale train tracks. Miniature cars speed through the city at 240 scale miles per hour; every hour, the equivalent of approximately 100,000 cars circulate through the dense network of buildings.

“According to Burden, “The noise, the continuous flow of the trains, and the speeding toy cars produce in the viewer the stress of living in a dynamic, active and bustling 21st century city.”

Outside Metropolis II is…

Outside Metropolis II is a wall of neon tubs that really want you to take their picture.

That’s the fifty year old man.

Urban Light…

Urban Light
Chris Burden (United States, Massachusetts, Boston, 1946-2015)
United States, California, Los Angeles County, 2008
(Two-hundred and two) restored cast iron antique LA street lamps

I saw a plan of the new construction that keeps Urban Light and Levitated Mass in their current locations.

Oh goodie goodie, Boston…

March 28

Oh goodie goodie, Boston Legal is back on tv, free for Amazon Prime subscribers. I really enjoy this show, so easy to just run in the background. Let’s see, 100+ episodes, 40+ minutes each, no bad, I’ll be done in a week.

The tenant in my…

March 27

The tenant in my old place moved out today. Here she is in process, just to get a view of another configuration for that space. She had a small table and a couple of stools in the kitchen to make up for not having a table or chairs in the main room.

I’ll have no time to get it rented before I leave but fortunately I take potential vacancies into account when I make a budget and I’ll be ok. I will want to step on it though when I get home in May!

I went with Nancy…

March 25

I went with Nancy to LACMA today, her home-away-from-home. Here is one of the Park La Brea Towers where Nancy lives and it’s a five minute stroll to the museum.

This is the train…

March 24

This is the train station in Glendale, built in 1923 it’s small and sweet and charming as can be.

Joanne and her string…

Joanne and her string ensemble played an hour of Bach and it was delightful. The sound was amazing, and standing room only.

After the concert I…

After the concert I fooled around at home for a while and then had an early dinner with Windy and Jeff at Guido’s, an all around nice day.

It was LA Marathon day too and I didn’t know it until this morning. Why didn’t I know? I felt bugged…how could I miss that? I don’t know!

This is a picture…

March 23

This is a picture I took with Xander’s phone and I couldn’t see a thing. I’m sorry about all the off bits but I’m putting it here anyway to remember our fine outing. We ate, visited, played word games, and saw Captain Marvel at the ArcLight. Fun fun fun.

Windy, Xander, Rome, Oliver, Angela, Lucas, Darryl, Lilly

I did a bit…

March 21

I did a bit of the Brown’s yearly landlord project with Lona and her assistant Cindi today, rent increases, interest payments, etc. Mostly Cindi does it all these days. We used to try to get it finished in one go but now Cindi can do it in parts over several days and we’re all so much more relaxed.

Kathleen made a great…

March 20

Kathleen made a great dinner and her friend Carolynn was there too. Kathleen has another close friend, Katherine, so Kathleen, Carolynn, and Katherine…it took me a while…

A few pictures around Kathleen’s house.

…Awww. There’s another…

…Awww. There’s another cat and an adorable dog who live here too. I’ll know I’m old when I do finally get myself that cat.

Three of the Browns…

March 19

Three of the Browns were in town from Hawaii to have college tours for Charis, that was nice, and in a few days the Kings will be in town to tour colleges for Xander. We all hope they both choose HERE.

Then during our Monday Night potluck the hostess took a spill on an ice cube, a total accident that could happen to anyone. The flurry of the 911 response not to mention the hip surgery that followed is a reminder, accidents happen and it’s worse when you’re old.

Here’s Trevor and his four pairs of glasses all for different purposes. He thinks he might have the right number now.

Not my pictures! But finally…

March 15

Not my pictures!

But finally down at the beach this morning I got to marvel at a super-nice wave of the migrating Painted Lady butterflies passing through So Cal for the last few days on their way north. A wave, a swarm, so many.


We three sisters had…

March 13

We three sisters had a fine day in honor of Lona, my much older sister and family matriarch’s birthday. I won’t tell you how old she is but the initials are Seventy EIGHT. Eighty, just around the corner, isn’t what it used to be, right?!

Our itinerary: wander around the Ojai Valley Inn and have a delicious lunch. Have a tour and a tasting at Ojai Olive Oil. Stroll through gardens at Meditation Mount. Check out the pottery at Firestick. Have an appetizer dinner and Lona’s favorite free dessert, Hula Pie at Duke’s.

Ojai Olive Oil, the…

Ojai Olive Oil, the best olive oil that ever there was, according to our very enthusiastic guide.

This tasting room was…

This tasting room was packed at the beginning and we just hung around trying every combination. You’re seeing just a small corner of the expanse of possibilities.

At the pottery place…

At the pottery place this was my favorite piece, and not even pottery.

Bummer, the road was closed leading up to Meditation Mount so we went for a little walk around town instead.

Hilda is reading The…

March 10

Hilda is reading The Autobiography of a Yogi for the first time and had never been to the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine, so we went, and her friend Mahzad came too.

Across the lake from the chapel.

Hilda outside the chapel….

Hilda outside the chapel.

The temple is on the top of the hill above the arches that can be reached by car from the road or you can walk up on stairs from the garden. Hilda and Mahzad enjoyed the journey up the stairs while I found a sunny spot and read my book!

That’s me and Mahzad…

That’s me and Mahzad in the Hidden Grotto, with Paramahansa Yogananda himself, all the rage in my hippie days.


I’m having a tenant…

March 8

I’m having a tenant leave on March 31 and the very next day I’m set to go to Kauai for the month. Let’s see how this plays out!

So…the tooth is gone,…

March 7

So…the tooth is gone, the infection is gone, that’s all good, I think you can hardly tell, and I have not been in particular discomfort for even a moment. But, I do have to go back. SIX times. Not the one-and-done I was hoping for but oh well, the dentist didn’t think my bone was in good enough shape to do it all at once. So in an abundance of caution…SIX more visits:

1-have the bone graft
2-have the graft stitches out
3-place the implant
4-have the implant stitches out
5-mold for the crown
6-have the crown put in.

And that’s assuming the mold they took previously is good enough for the ‘spacer’ they want me to wear until it’s all done about eight or ten months hence.

Susie and Ken on…

March 5

Susie and Ken on the occasion of their FIFTIETH Wedding Anniversary. WOW, Mazel Tov! Thanks for the photo Susie!


From Sunday, Lill and…

From Sunday, Lill and Tony’s dog Marty…Tornado Marty. He’s very sweet and yet just for some puppy-reason, had an unfortunate altercation with a pillow.

It was a gorgeous…

It was a gorgeous day and because of all the rain the surfaces were so clean and bright.

I looked back at…

I looked back at my other visits to the Getty Center and found a reference where I had said a tour guide told us architect Richard Meier chose this color on a whim, and it’s the only colored structure I can think of at the Center.

In the distance you can see Martin Puryear’s “That Profile,” commissioned for the site in 1999. It’s been here since the beginning and I like it a lot and would be sad if it was gone.

No matter how many…

No matter how many times you visit the Getty Center you will see something in a different way.

We got there early…

We got there early enough to wander around without bumping shoulders with the crowd that filled the plaza about an hour later.

The sculpture is called…

The sculpture is called Angel of the Citadel by Marino Marini 1948-9. There is more to him than you can see here as well as, well, more. You can ask google to tell you all about it.

We couldn’t visit the…

We couldn’t visit the garden or the sculpture garden with the Walking Flower and Jousters because, we supposed, of the rain.

Love this sculpture but…

Love this sculpture but I forgot to check the name and artist and can’t find it in my website. Oversight!

Nancy was rolling through…

March 1

Nancy was rolling through town and stopped by for a quick visit on the way back to Santa Barbara. Bye Nancy, it was lovely to see you.

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