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The Previous and Next arrows behave Exactly Opposite to how you think they should based on what you see on the Home page. Previous points left but means previous in time and so moves right through the thumbnails. I’m sorry!

The next biggest confusion comes when you’re reading a STORY (clicking on the left-side menu) and you by chance click on the first picture of a POST (remember a STORY is a collection of POSTS). The system will then take you to POST mode. Oh no. Just click the back arrow on your browser and you’re back where you were in the story. You will want to click on pictures in Posts to get some nice features like a slide show, etc., just not the first picture after the title.

Another confusion! What?! All the Posts prior to May 2020 have only one picture as they were brought over from the old system, so you can read the story like the olden days by just scrolling through.

Tell me if you get lost!

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