’14 some April some May

April before going to check it out: KAUAI! and May before going to Greece.

I’m getting picked up…

May 18

I’m getting picked up by SuperShuttle at 5AM In The Morning for a flight at 8:25AM, change planes in Montreal, and arrive in Athens at 10:15 the morning of the 20th, then I’ll get the airport transfer to the port town of Piraeus where I’ll spend the night, then the next morning at 7:30 I’ll catch the ferry to Naxos arriving finally at my first Greek island around noon on the 21st.

It’s long but not too bad with the breaks in Montreal and Piraeus. I’m excited!

Everyone dances at the…

May 16

Everyone dances at the taverna! I watched a few hours of Greek dancers on youtube today, because Everyone dances at the taverna! I can do the simplest-simplest series of steps now but that’s not to say that anyone will ever do that particular one. I can do a second series but not Nearly fast enough.

Maybe I’ll take a lesson – that would be FUN!

I have been doing this and that but not taking any pictures. Now I’ll not be able to remember, for example, the last time I saw Susie.

Awwww, Cynthia broke her…

May 15

Awwww, Cynthia broke her foot and she’s got 6-8 weeks during which she must not put any weight on it, and she Must wear The Boot. She sent this picture with the title “Look Ma! No Hands!”

Kieran, on his way to Kung Fu class, is wearing his wushu sash. He’s doing so well and keeps getting promoted every few months into a new sash. Good job Kieran!


Lilly and I went…

May 14

Lilly and I went to the beach this morning and met up with a couple of her friends and their moms. They are all very lovely.

I let Angela convince me to take the bigger chair and the umbrella, and we had toys and lunch and changes of clothes and etc. It was amazingly wonderful since I was entirely out of the sun. I sat in that great chair under the shade of the umbrella while a gentle breeze cooled the air and Lilly was so happily on the go-go from moment first to moment last. Nice!

Then it was time…

Then it was time for Rome’s after-school musical theater performance of a shortened version of Rise of the Guardians.

The show was great…

Yes, Clothes. I…

May 10

Yes, Clothes. I went to lunch with the cousins Sharon and Nancy, and Sharon guided me through the shopping morass and I came out the other end with Clothes.

One more shirt and I can get ride of those two tops, you know the ones, the burgundy one and the hunter one that I’ve been wearing for YEARS.

In the bag: a pair of knock-around boater length pants so I won’t be wearing my black Patagonias every day as I have been since 2009; a bright pink cami for under a black tee which looks pretty cute; a nicer top that I’m going to wear this very day; a spaghetti strap sundress that needs hemming.

It was Iggy’s birthday…

May 7

It was Iggy’s birthday party at Adventure Plex, a huge Habitrail for Children. These are all the kids in Lilly’s pre-school class and they crawled and jumped and ran around like precious furry little hamsters for two solid hours breaking only for the few minutes it took to scarf down some pizza and cupcakes.

And a grand time was had by all!

Home sweet home, wow…bringing…

May 1

Home sweet home, wow…bringing the Aloha Spirit to dim sum lunch with Marsha downtown. We ate at Ocean Seafood in the old Miriwa building, these stairs being the scene, Marsha tells me, of a well-known Mel Gibson movie.

Then Windy dropped by…

Then Windy dropped by for a nice Welcome Home and all I had to offer her was a glass of water and a flower hair clip. A Glass Of Water.

I’d better toddle myself over to my pantry at Whole Foods for some whole foods.

Here’s looking at Royce…

Here’s looking at Royce Hall from one of the windows in the Powell Library.

If you haven’t been to this library in a while you won’t be sorry if you stop by. Just the tiles alone make it worth a visit.

This morning I spent…

April 3

This morning I spent Three Hours cleaning the floor of the cottage even after Cecelia and Victor spent seven hours each cleaning. And it’s not done yet!

In the afternoon I did a photo project for Lona and Hartley and then in the evening I had dinner with Bill. Big day!

It has come up…

It has come up a lot recently, ‘where the heck was Pacific Ocean Park anyway?’.

Pacific Ocean Park, also known as POP, and most often pronounced Pee-Oh-Pee, was located between Pier and Navy, where now we find the luxury low-rise housing complex called Sea Colony.

Opened in 1958 and closed in 1967, it’s surprising to me to notice that such an iconic name from ‘our’ youth operated for less than 10 years. The city didn’t actually tear down the pier until 1975.

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