’15 Aug: Reunion and Ca-Or-Wa-Or-Ca

All family all the way.

We got up this…

August 7

We got up this morning at Lucas and Betsy’s and were off early for SHOPPING. We had done some shopping yesterday and then, since we are trying to get food for 24 people for 5 days, shopped and shopped some more.

As I write this late into day two someone has gone to the store many times already for items on the list and forgotten and items that never made it to the list. I can see into the future…more trips to the store.

Night one, Pizza Night!

After dinner we went…

After dinner we went on a trek around the property and it really was very cool. At one point we had to make it across a crevasse from one steep and slippery slope to another.

The boys lent many hands. I needed three…one for each arm and one to push.

Darryl, Lona, Lucas

On the way back…

On the way back from the walk the kids discover a huge blackberry hedge. Huge enough for a blackberry stuffing session and so so many more we are going to be stuffing ourselves with blackberries for days.

Chrsta, Lilly, Darryl, Xander



This was the blackberry hedge near the pond with gallons and gallons of blackberries and around the property, in almost every direction actually, there were more more more.

Trevor, Darryl Charis, Lilly, Anya

Jeff was persistent in…

Jeff was persistent in his efforts to catch a catch-and-release fish and in fact succeeded later in the day with a piece of cheese for bait although the release portion of catch-and-release might not have been wholly successful which called a halt to any more fishing.

There were evening games…

There were evening games of course and much hilarity followed by the bedtime distribution of light whirly things from L&H for the amusement of the young ones, Caleb being not so entirely young as he is off to college at the end of this vacation.

Darryl’s, picture and sculpture,…

Darryl’s, picture and sculpture, one a day for a year, one unbroken wire, day 134.

This reminds me that I don’t have any pictures of all the rousing games of pool and the even more rousing games of Horse, a pool table game created up by Caleb and played every day with vigor and enthusiasm by all.

Good morning…and the adults…

August 9

Good morning…and the adults awaken to a dorm-wide pillow fight. It was the smaller kids vs Caleb and Xander. Caleb and Xander had themselves barricaded in the game room and only came out for sneak attacks.

Then the smaller kids hatched an underhanded and entirely clever plan. They sent Jack up to the door who pleaded ‘let me in let me in and it can be the boys against the girls’ so Caleb and Xander opened the door and all the girls poured in on the attack.




…and we were off to a local reenactment event. We rode back and forth across this bridge a few times – it’s especially handsome while you’re on it too.



We broke up into three bands – geo-cachers, walkers, and driving arounders. And a fourth group, me, who went to the store.

Lilly, Jack, Rome, Anya, Cali, Charis

We again had the…

August 10

We again had the pleasure of Betsy’s stretching class this morning followed by Travis teaching us all a grappling move that was a total kick (kick…ha!). I have the name of the move but it’s in the car so I’ll write it soon!

I think this was bacon and eggs morning with the four trays of baked bacon slabs which were yumm yumm good.

Christa, Caleb, Travis, Jack, Xander, Beth, Trevor, Charis, Anya



The kids just loooved paddling around on the pond. They came and went entirely on their own, making up games, leaving each other on the raft or on the shore, taking turns rowing…we are all Tom Sawyer up in here.

…and look what I…

…and look what I came upon – Xander teaching Jack how to sharpen the s’more sticks with a pocket knife.

No, Jack did Not cut himself and cover the wounds with duct tape. He put the duct tape there ‘for later’.

After our always happy…

August 11

After our always happy help-yourself breakfast (although we did have Pancake Morning and Bacon and Eggs Morning) we got arranged for our Mystery Theater Performance. Everyone had parts and it was great fun.

Then the plan was to take lunch to the beach and have a surprise activity for Anya whose birthday was the next day but everyone was feeling it for staying in, this being our last day so we did our…

Finally FINALLY! I’ve…

Finally FINALLY! I’ve been gazing at our pond hour after hour and day after day with wide longing eyes. I reeeeally wanted to swim in that pond but I couldn’t bring myself to be the first.

Travis! Yay Travis! Travis did get out without swimming though because he said it was so cold he couldn’t breathe. Not a rousing recommendation.

…more and more jumped…

…more and more jumped in until we had a regular pond party going. I can’t express sufficiently how totally entirely completely utterly happy I was that swimming in the pond actually happened…

(the arrow points to ME. I can’t tell who else is in the picture but many had a go, even Rome had a ride on Caleb’s back and Cali jumped off the board three times.)



Then we ended the day with Lona leading the gang in a rousing rendition of Rinky Dinky Doo. I’m putting her version below. The Boy Scouts of America have a different version…:

“Me hand on meself, what is dis here
Dis is me hat-racker, me mommy dear.
Hat-racker, hat-racker, dinkey dinkey do,
That’s what I learned in the zoo.

followed by:

Sweat-boxer; Eye-winker; Nose-blower; Food-gobbler; Chin-chomper; Head-holder; Chest-thumper; Bread-basket; Sit-downer; Knee-knocker; Foot-stomper

And of course the last line: That’s why I’m still in the zoo!”

Night five, Thai Night!

This is Old Sacramento…

This is Old Sacramento State Historic Park.

This park is located at the edge of the Old Sacramento Historic District. The area was developed as a tourist attraction in the 1960s and is named in the National Register of Historic Places.

It’s very cool and…

It’s very cool and not so much Disney-i-fied as it could have gone, probably because the buildings are more restored than rebuilt and not all the angles are 90 degrees or all the lines so parallel.

They did move some buildings here from other parts of town and demolished the ones that couldn’t be repaired.

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