’15 August

Home for two weeks between trips.
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I’m home until the…

September 2

I’m home until the 4th so I’ll put a little September here, and since I didn’t take any pictures…

Here are a couple of Darryl’s new ones – Fire! and The Astronomer, made one-a-day from one unbroken piece of wire. See http://www.instragram.com/darrylkanouse for the whole magnificent set.

I’m not leaving until…

August 29

I’m not leaving until the 4th, and it’s not that I haven’t been doing anything, it’s just that I haven’t taken any pictures. Probably because I’m not entirely finished with the reunion pictures and PARIS is less than a week away.

Here’s a city with a wonderful public transportation system.

AT 3:59 they put…

August 25

AT 3:59 they put up the class assignments at the girl’s school and we were right there. Everyone’s happy I think.

Then it was soccer…

Then it was soccer practice for Rome and after practice the team members worked on their banner.

It was fun, I learned many things about soccer.

We had a trio…

August 24

We had a trio of summer birthdays at our Monday night potluck… Cards and Cash and Too Much FUN!

Ann, me, Becky

FAMILY…I’ll send you a…

Blue Shirts!

FAMILY…I’ll send you a bigger version of any that you want to print. I’m leaving plenty of border around the image so you should be able to crop it and print any size you like. More coming. Roll down to see them all as they come in.

Christa, Beth Trevor, Charis, Caleb



Christa, Caleb
Xander, Cali, Anya, Charis
Rome, Jack, Lilly

I sat around my…

August 22

I sat around my house for a couple of hours today, listened to the radio, and did all my trip shopping. My list is empty, nothing more to buy, and all my items are winging their way to Santa Monica to be delivered to my door by Wednesday.

Crazy man, and dear family and friends who love me, I know you are clapping your hands that I won’t be all blahblahblah about having to drag myself through stores.

I had a great…

August 21

I had a great walk with Lona today – no pictures, so I took this one off Lona’s phone. Hartley looks so good here, wow, and that beautiful young woman beside him? Fourteen year old Charis.


Bonnie and I went…

August 20

Bonnie and I went to the Hollywood Bowl for the free morning rehearsal and enjoyed ourselves entirely. (No photos…but, you know, I put the phone on my lap and avoided all the people.)

Nancy invited some friends…

Nancy invited some friends to gather in Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills for a really wonderful production of As You Like It in celebration of her birthday.

The players were very good – they call themselves Shakespeare By The Sea. Everything about it was especially well done including the fine costumes.



Brenda, Nancy, Irene, Sharon, Nancy

Maybe someday I’ll write…

August 12-15

Maybe someday I’ll write up the story of our trip from Gig Harbor-Madras-Klamath Falls-Cambria, with the peaks of the Cascades and the summer fires eating up the Pacific Coast states.

But for now I have to move on! Blue Shirt Photos! Paris coming up!

Sorry! I’m so…

Sorry! I’m so behind…more Crater Lake and some Cambria/Moonstone Beach coming along and all the Blue Shirt photos.

A few pictures from…

A few pictures from our southbound drive Gig Harbor to LA. We didn’t stop often but I do have more especially of Crater Lake which was awesome.

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