’22 Sep: Interlaken and Zermatt, Switzerland

Interlaken And Harder Kulm

This is a picture from the webcam at Jungfrau, “The Top of Europe”. There’s not going to be any Jungfrau for me, or any of the other high mountains for that matter. The forecast is for this cloud cover to continue throughout my stay. BUT on arrival the hotel told me to hurry hurry and I might be able to get some town views by taking the funicular up to Harder Kulm.

But first the train ride from Lucerne to Interlaken.

Cows, I need more cows!

Look what loomed into view.

Nice, coming into town.

I was walking from the hotel to the funicular and passed by this. ALL the tourists were gaping and gasping and making selfies in front of this view. Look Look Look everyone cried out. Of course, this was their first view of Jungfrau in days, and on my walk back it was gone again.

I got the front seat which was a treat.

The viewing platform..

Looking one way..
..and another!

The clouds move fast and the pictures are misaligned but start from the town. This plaque was in front of the view with all the mountains (that you can’t see) named.

A reflection in the restaurant window.

Back in town, there’s plenty of shopping here. All the outdoor chains are represented. My hotel has a decent restaurant and an excellent breakfast buffet.

What To Do Today

It was raining, but it wasn’t pouring, so I decided to have a little walk. The hotel has umbrellas to borrow which made it more comfortable than my little telescoping travel umbrella. And since I need a destination I picked a brewery a little out of town. They brew beer, whisky, and gin. I thought they were a tourist attraction with windows onto the brewing process (why did I think that?) but no, all you could visit was their very extensive store.

I ran across this playground and it was a real treat. You can’t see how totally cool it is – an obstacle course of challenge and delight. This is just one outer edge, the course goes deep into the forest.

The beer place.

Heading back.

Here come..

..some cows. The bells make a lovely sound.

Alpine sports and cultural symbols.

This was the road and beautiful it was.

In all this time and all this rain this is my first view of a rainbow, if this even is a rainbow.

At some point I got to thinking about what I would do tomorrow and I thought Trains, let me see where I could go to get out of this rain. So I went to my beloved SBB Visitor Information Center and asked my helper what she thought about a plan I had to leave around 11 and be back by 3. She said my plan was fine but instead, she said, what about leaving at 7:38 and getting back around 5:42? She then mapped out an itinerary that took me in a giant circle riding 6 different trains, up some mountains and into Italian speaking Switzerland for lunch. Ok Ok! Tomorrow!

But today I have more time and earlier I had made an appointment for a massage. It was a Thai place and the massage was absolutely as perfect as a massage needs to be. She did this release with the big joints, shoulder and hip mostly, and I will now be in constant search of someone at home who can do this.

If The Train Is Late Your Watch Is Wrong

I have so much I want to remember about my 9-10 hours on the trains – make maps, show the different kinds of trains and tell their stories, what happened at the various stops, passing through Italy, my great variety of seat mates, and more! I wonder if I’ll get to it? Right now here are a few pictures and the names of the places I changed trains.


From Interlaken On To Zermatt

A view from the train station in Interlaken, notice these Interlaken buildings that tell a good story about the difference between Interlaken and Zermatt. They are both ski resorts about the same size but Interlaken is more citified and Zermatt is more alpine country. I loved them both.

On to Zermatt, more clouds and rain with the occasional and most welcome beams of light to color the scene. These pictures are out the train window. You’re probably used to the window-glare by now. I stopped trying to get rid of it because I just made a bigger mess than letting it be.


Cows, scattered everywhere.


Zermatt, a very alpine looking totally car-free town. You can arrive only by train and once here you can walk anywhere or get around with the small local buses or use the electric taxis that look like large golf carts. I liked it!

Zermatt, like Interlaken, is primarily a ski resort with shops of active wear, restaurants for groups of outdoor adventurers, souvenirs, and chocolate. LOTS of chocolate.

I never did find out what this is. And I don’t remember what I did for dinner this night. Sigh. Oh wait! I do remember! I got a sausage off the street and it was delish.

SO Much Rain

At one point the rain seemed to quiet down a little and I rushed out to the known viewing spots to try to catch a glimpse of the Matterhorn, in case tomorrow was even worse. So here are several glimpses and you can see how quickly the cloud cover comes and goes.


And here are a few more pictures from around town. I clearly didn’t do anything but have an occasional wander.


The view from my hotel window.

An alternative taxi.

Rain does shine the streets..

..and bring some color to the night.

And now I’m going to go to sleep and dream of a sunny day, bright blue skies, vista views, for a nice ride up to The Matterhorn! I’ve got a 50-50 chance and I’m getting up early to increase those chances. I have to leave by 2 to get to Geneva in time to meet Heidi for dinner. Wouldn’t it be just WONDERFUL if my last day was bright, and fresh, and clear, and DRY?!

Good Day Sunshine

Yup, it’s 7am and the day breaks bright, and fresh, and clear, and DRY.

From my room, the Matterhorn is behind me.

Let’s GO!

There are a few ways to get to Matterhorn view points and the highest was closed due to wind. I took the route recommend at the ticket counter as an alternative and it was plenty high for me.

Up Up Up.

This is the station where I got off.

The clouds come and go so quickly I’m just as glad not to be in a gondola hurling side to side over 1,000s of feet deep chasms.

And ta DA this was the view.

Having a stroll. There are plenty of other views from other sides but I am Happy happy Joy joy.

Looking around. All these lifts are for skiers in the winter even up to the 12,000 foot mark.

Oh my goodness.

Everything was closed until the skiers are back.

The gondola station.

Heading down.

Wow, lucky dog me. I’m all packed up to get to Geneva in time for dinner with Heidi, then a quick sleep, up at 5am for a very long day getting home. Home Sweet Home.

ps – I had an empty middle seat on the 11 hour leg home. Oh YEAH!

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