What To Do Today

It was raining, but it wasn’t pouring, so I decided to have a little walk. The hotel has umbrellas to borrow which made it more comfortable than my little telescoping travel umbrella. And since I need a destination I picked a brewery a little out of town. They brew beer, whisky, and gin. I thought they were a tourist attraction with windows onto the brewing process (why did I think that?) but no, all you could visit was their very extensive store.

I ran across this playground and it was a real treat. You can’t see how totally cool it is – an obstacle course of challenge and delight. This is just one outer edge, the course goes deep into the forest.

The beer place.

Heading back.

Here come..

..some cows. The bells make a lovely sound.

Alpine sports and cultural symbols.

This was the road and beautiful it was.

In all this time and all this rain this is my first view of a rainbow, if this even is a rainbow.

At some point I got to thinking about what I would do tomorrow and I thought Trains, let me see where I could go to get out of this rain. So I went to my beloved SBB Visitor Information Center and asked my helper what she thought about a plan I had to leave around 11 and be back by 3. She said my plan was fine but instead, she said, what about leaving at 7:38 and getting back around 5:42? She then mapped out an itinerary that took me in a giant circle riding 6 different trains, up some mountains and into Italian speaking Switzerland for lunch. Ok Ok! Tomorrow!

But today I have more time and earlier I had made an appointment for a massage. It was a Thai place and the massage was absolutely as perfect as a massage needs to be. She did this release with the big joints, shoulder and hip mostly, and I will now be in constant search of someone at home who can do this.

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