Interlaken And Harder Kulm

This is a picture from the webcam at Jungfrau, “The Top of Europe”. There’s not going to be any Jungfrau for me, or any of the other high mountains for that matter. The forecast is for this cloud cover to continue throughout my stay. BUT on arrival the hotel told me to hurry hurry and I might be able to get some town views by taking the funicular up to Harder Kulm.

But first the train ride from Lucerne to Interlaken.

Cows, I need more cows!

Look what loomed into view.

Nice, coming into town.

I was walking from the hotel to the funicular and passed by this. ALL the tourists were gaping and gasping and making selfies in front of this view. Look Look Look everyone cried out. Of course, this was their first view of Jungfrau in days, and on my walk back it was gone again.

I got the front seat which was a treat.

The viewing platform..

Looking one way..
..and another!

The clouds move fast and the pictures are misaligned but start from the town. This plaque was in front of the view with all the mountains (that you can’t see) named.

A reflection in the restaurant window.

Back in town, there’s plenty of shopping here. All the outdoor chains are represented. My hotel has a decent restaurant and an excellent breakfast buffet.
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