Cruising Around Lake Lucerne

Feels good!

A cruise around Lake Lucerne is Included in my Swiss Travel Pass, so I decided sure why not and anyway all the mountain activities are socked in clouds and rain.

It’s a paddle wheeler with the wheels enclosed on the sides

And we’re off.

You’ll see the colors change as we get an occasional hole in the clouds.

We would hug the shore when a stop was coming up, and there were many stops.

Here’s a nice one.

Check out that tunnel/bridge. I think people were walking on the top.

Captain on the fly bridge.

The turn-around. Oh the blue. We only get it where there’s light.

Really gorgeous, and surprising!

I think this might be a close up of the village above?

It was a lovely day, probably a little of what river cruising is like. The round trip took 5.5 hours and I was never bored although I did nod off a time or two. There was a busy restaurant on board and I had quite a satisfying lunch of meat loaf, mashed potatoes, steamed carrots, and a very tasty sauce over the whole thing. I can’t remember what I did after the cruise because I’m writing this 3 days later and I don’t have any more pictures!

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