From Interlaken On To Zermatt

A view from the train station in Interlaken, notice these Interlaken buildings that tell a good story about the difference between Interlaken and Zermatt. They are both ski resorts about the same size but Interlaken is more citified and Zermatt is more alpine country. I loved them both.

On to Zermatt, more clouds and rain with the occasional and most welcome beams of light to color the scene. These pictures are out the train window. You’re probably used to the window-glare by now. I stopped trying to get rid of it because I just made a bigger mess than letting it be.


Cows, scattered everywhere.


Zermatt, a very alpine looking totally car-free town. You can arrive only by train and once here you can walk anywhere or get around with the small local buses or use the electric taxis that look like large golf carts. I liked it!

Zermatt, like Interlaken, is primarily a ski resort with shops of active wear, restaurants for groups of outdoor adventurers, souvenirs, and chocolate. LOTS of chocolate.

I never did find out what this is. And I don’t remember what I did for dinner this night. Sigh. Oh wait! I do remember! I got a sausage off the street and it was delish.
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