Good Day Sunshine

Yup, it’s 7am and the day breaks bright, and fresh, and clear, and DRY.

From my room, the Matterhorn is behind me.

Let’s GO!

There are a few ways to get to Matterhorn view points and the highest was closed due to wind. I took the route recommend at the ticket counter as an alternative and it was plenty high for me.

Up Up Up.

This is the station where I got off.

The clouds come and go so quickly I’m just as glad not to be in a gondola hurling side to side over 1,000s of feet deep chasms.

And ta DA this was the view.

Having a stroll. There are plenty of other views from other sides but I am Happy happy Joy joy.

Looking around. All these lifts are for skiers in the winter even up to the 12,000 foot mark.

Oh my goodness.

Everything was closed until the skiers are back.

The gondola station.

Heading down.

Wow, lucky dog me. I’m all packed up to get to Geneva in time for dinner with Heidi, then a quick sleep, up at 5am for a very long day getting home. Home Sweet Home.

ps – I had an empty middle seat on the 11 hour leg home. Oh YEAH!

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