’16 September

The coming-together of the house (I hope!).

Standing in the doorway…

Standing in the doorway by the fridge, looking into the main room. Looking out the windows on both sides of the room the view is of trees.

The closet stays because it fits so well.

The daybed/twin mattress is against the back wall. A trundle would fit too.

The new silent ceiling fan works a trick and there’s air conditioning too.

Notice the chair in the lower right…

Aww kitty kitty! …

Aww kitty kitty! Sorry, no actual pets though!

$1500 per month.
1 year lease, 2 months rent security deposit.
Utilities included: gas, water, trash, you pay only for electricity.
Laundry on site $5/load for wash and dry.
Street parking by permit.

No Pet, really, no pets.
No smoking anywhere on the property.

Lilly had a party…

September 28

Lilly had a party with her friends on the weekend. They went to a movie and then everyone had food at Johnny Rockets. What a blast-o-rama!

(I’ll get the names from Lilly on Wednesday.)


Some pictures from Cynthia’s…

September 27

Some pictures from Cynthia’s facebook:

The top one, now being used in the opening credits of Narco, is Cynthia herself. The Narco people found the picture on Kent’s flickr. Yikes, I still have that globe. And btw, that pink chair, I just gave it away two weeks ago.

The bottom one is thirteen year old Kieran and here is Cynthia’s text: “Relaxing yesterday, the night before the first day of the last year of middle school.”

I like these together. It’s the march of time.

A fun picture of…

A fun picture of Mike’s family from a gathering in South Dakota in July.

And a fun picture of Mike’s band, Red Sky Night, bringin’ it ON.

Too fun! (I hope I get the names soon…)

Look, floor! The…

Look, floor! The painting is done in most of the house and the floor is revealed.

The bed came too and Alex put it together. Wow, a floor AND a bed.

It was arts and…

September 26

It was arts and crafts day with my sisters so here’s a picture from Rome’s birthday of the origami wrapping.

Then I went to the Monday potluck and Dancing with the Stars successfully avoiding the debate. I’ll get the low-down tomorrow from sources more measured than I.

Hilda in Alaska last…

September 25

Hilda in Alaska last month. Hilda and Merlyn came by for dinner and it was great to catch up after so long. And in two days they’re off to India…Bon Voyage!


I managed to kill…

I managed to kill the beautiful succulent bowl Lill gave me in July and here she is fixing me up a fresh one. Thank you Lill. Wish me luck!

After another morning of…

September 23

After another morning of work and Progress, which I will take pictures of soon, I met Lill and a few of her friends at the Getty Villa.

I really wanted to see this show, got distracted and didn’t buy tickets, and then a ticket came my way! It was hugely clever and many times I laughed out loud.

What the set looked…

What the set looked like at the Getty Villa Amphitheater before the show.

Every year in September they put on an ancient Greek or Roman play and the three I have seen have all been wonderful.

I enjoy my orange…

September 22

I enjoy my orange tree clothes line. Alex was here all morning and I did some work too (yes, amazing I know). Then we went to Ikea and went Shopping.

Happy Birthday Rome! …

September 21

Happy Birthday Rome! (It was Lilly’s birthday one week ago which is why you might be confused.)


Rome chose a sushi…

Rome chose a sushi place for dinner where they have a very very large selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes and we all enjoyed it mightily.

Then we went to the Manhattan Beach Creamery where Rome got a donut stuffed with ice cream, yes. We all had tastes and it was yum.

…he brought his solid…

…he brought his solid crew and they finished all the connectors and fixtures in the morning. Two thumbs up!

No surprise, I forgot a thing or two and they couldn’t move the phone line so that’s a new list and I need a different kind of dimmer in the kitchen and there is probably more.

But I sat in there this afternoon and it was peaceful.

Sharon is back after…

September 19

Sharon is back after her nearly month-long visit to Colorado and Kansas to visit with family and friends.

And while she was gone the California Incline got FINISHED!

Then I had an…

Then I had an always fun dinner with Ken and Bill and yet again I forgot to take a photo. Bill and his wife Cheryl and his daughter Mindy got to go cruising with Ken!

Bill, Cheryl, Mindy, Ken


Carol and I went…

September 18

Carol and I went to the Getty Center today while Alex worked. it was lovely and quiet as ever it was as you can see from this picture.

I have something and…

September 17

I have something and it has a name and it is not good!

I’ve been smelling smoke on and off for a while now and it’s impossible for me to tell when it’s real and when it’s not. When it seems unlikely to be real I ask around and no one else smells it.

From The Smithsonian magazine:

“Brief episodes of phantom smells or phantosmia – smelling something that’s not there – can be triggered by temporal lobe seizures, epilepsy, or head trauma. Phantosmia is also associated with Alzheimer’s and occasionally with the onset of a migraine.”

Hmmm, temporal lobe seizures, epilepsy, head trauma, Alzheimer’s…and I read somewhere else that it could be a brain tumor. Great. I’m going to wait awhile and see if it goes away.

Lona treated me and…

September 16

Lona treated me and Windy to a shared birthday extravaganza including Color Me Mine! where we spent several hours fine tuning our creations and then we ate a lovely late lunch…late because of all the time we spent on our pottery piece.

You have to wait two weeks to get your work fired and I’m very excited to see how it will turn out – it being the most expensive little dish I will own.

…this happy slice of…

…this happy slice of adorable.

Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra
André de Ridder, conductor
Avi Avital, mandolin

VIVALDI: The Four Seasons Program Notes
BRAHMS: Serenade No. 1

Lilly got to eat…

Lilly got to eat cake for breakfast, oh happy Lilly. She wore her birthday hat all day long although not always as a unicorn…


…she ended the day…

…she ended the day wearing her birthday hat at a jaunty angle.

Awww, Dawson brought Lilly flowers and a balloon and Roxi brought her a stuffed elephant.

Roxi, Lilly, Dawson, Calvin

Her sundae came without…

Her sundae came without a cherry because of the candle so they brought eight cherries to make up for it. Lilly ate them all.

Trevor was in town…

September 13

Trevor was in town so I went over for a visit with the family and a friend of theirs was there too. The friend wanted to talk to Trevor about his thinking regarding the election.

I freaked out. NOOOOOO. We have it settled ok, we let it be, we don’t talk about religion or politics. But NOOOOO some sweet friend has to stir the pot. Because it was not going to end well. Better I should leave!

While the floor guys…

September 12

While the floor guys were cutting wood such that it sounded like a dentist’s office on the whole street, I went to Ikea to look for furnishings but no joy, unless maybe I go back there for a mattress and bedding which are very appealing.

I also went looking for countertops. I was thinking to have quartz on the sink side and butcher block on the oven side but it turns out in quartz you have to buy the whole slab (at this place anyway) and that would cover everything.

And then I filled my plate twice at the Monday potluck and ate a mountain of dessert.

Some parts of this…

September 11

Some parts of this house project are powering toward a big fat tick!.

All the trim is a pale cream and all the walls are a peachy cream, girly I know, but the floors are strong and with furnishings I’m not worried…say I to myself hourly. And notice the difference between the two rooms. And the ceilings are white but taking up the color of the walls.

It’s crazy how when you look in one light it’s one way and then you turn your head or…

…go into a different…

…go into a different room, exact same paint, totally different color.

The floor trim isn’t on yet and we’re going to need a lot of touch-up on the paint.

My conclusion is that…

My conclusion is that there is no entirely right answer for color since it’s always different and I took these pictures at the same time. At a different hour they are different again! So, as the screaming guitar player says, close enough for rock ‘n roll.

Happy Birthday Windy (in…

September 10

Happy Birthday Windy (in this picture for scale)! We took the train out to the National History Museum to see the ‘Pterosaurs – Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs’ exhibit.

It was really fun!…

It was really fun! You could stand on that glowing circle and flap your arms, lean side to side, look up and down, and the pterosaur would follow your movements which usually ended by crashing into the lake.

I don’t have a…

I don’t have a picture of the one with the impossibly long neck. These guys have just impossibly huge heads.

Then we got back…

Then we got back on the train and went to Olvera Street for some of the taquitos of our youth followed by fresh, crisp, and delicious churros.

The floor wood arrived…

The floor wood arrived and Leo was due to start the installation. Alex cleared all his tools out of the house. We were waiting. And waiting. He didn’t answer his phone, or voice message, or text. Nothing. Nada, just no Leo.

So I got in touch with his wife. She promised he would show up on Friday. Ok, fine.

I’m thinking about those knobs and handles for the kitchen. Choosing choosing.

It was yesterday, but…

September 1

It was yesterday, but here are Angela’s pictures from the send-off to First Day of School! Lilly’s a First Grader and ate her first lunch at school. You go Lilly! And Rome is in the Fifth grade. A senior at Jefferson Elementary.

Lilly, Rome


Roger and Sandy were…

Roger and Sandy were down from SF and along with Nancy we ate lunch in my house…with lawn chairs, a fold-up table, and plywood floors.

NEWS: the floor guys will be here Wednesday to put in the real wood and by then, except for the kitchen and bathroom, all the inside painting will be done. Progress!

Also last month when…

Also last month when I went to Hiromi Paper and had a nice wander around Bergamot. I have been running around a lot of late.

And who knows how long the art village at Bergamot will be with us in its current form since it’s so low density and right at the 26th Street Expo Line station. Enjoy it while you can!

I snagged this off…

I snagged this off facebook because I think it is one of the most adorable vacation selfies ever.

Lola, Alex, Zander, Lauretta, Roxi

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