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from August and half of September, and not to forget BIRTHDAYS and
Santa Ynez.

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Scotland and Wales

Time to change out…

September 30

Time to change out the ‘refrigerator door’. I take everything down, put it in a one quart baggie, and stack the baggies out in the garage.

From the top left: an origami crane that I always have some of around, an adventure card from ND, a travel picture of me from 1997 in Croatia that I ran across, a poem I like, a drawing form David, the kids, another cool card, a lacma postcard from NA, K&L’s school picture, K&L’s spin art, a ticket to a show ‘hey kids, let’s put on a show’, a wedding invitation and flower clip from Kauai, from Rome ‘Every kid needs a fairy ..cross out Godmother and write in Grandma’, Windy’s wedding place card that I re-found, a welcome home card from Rome that says ‘you are Gran-Tastic’, a thank you card from the kids, the cranes that I can’t give up (I see they’ve been there since at least 2008).

Here are some more:

I’ve been walking a…

September 28

I’ve been walking a couple of times with Sharon since I’ve been back – gorgeous as always. Good and good for you!

glow, Dusk&Beyond 2013, 7pm-3am,…

September 28

glow, Dusk&Beyond 2013, 7pm-3am, One Night Only, Santa Monica Beach, Pier, and Palisades Park. “An all-night cultural experience that re-imagines Santa Monica Beach as a playground for original, participatory works of art.”

This is the third time in five or six years that they’ve done it and I’m very glad I went. I’m copying all the quoted text from the brochure. This is a sampling. Oh yes, there were many more exhibits.

At the information center…

At the information center just below the Carousel where the line for the Carousel was Huge. I didn’t stand in it.

“Patrick Scott The Rest Is Noise: A Carousel Ride Through the 20th Century Ride the historic Santa Monica Carousel as 16 speakers play 12 second clips of music, representative of each decade of the 20th century. One hundred years of music condensed into a five minute experience.”

Got’ta have a huge…

Got’ta have a huge line-up for a Hot Dog on a Stick.

I took the bus and walked btw, and did not have to face what was certainly a traffic and parking madhouse. In the promotional literature they were strongly encouraging people to bike in and there were several lots for free, attended bike parking.

“Victoria Vesna Octopus Mandala…

“Victoria Vesna Octopus Mandala Glow (OMG) The Pacific Wheel, the world’s largest solar Ferris wheel, becomes the ultimate revolving mandala. Experence it as sounds become colors and as the many become one.”

Another attraction for which I did not stand in line.

There were many of these luminaria rings around the beach, put up by picnicers.

Out in the distance we see Swarm (The Gelantinous Bloom), one of the few you had to trek across the sand to see.

“Aphidoidea Swarm (The Gelatinous…

“Aphidoidea Swarm (The Gelatinous Bloom) Along the shore a swarm of tall jellyfish-like creatures, respond with light and sound to visitors. Aphidoidea is an artist collective and includes Paulina Bouyer Magana, Andrew Hernandez, Jesus Eduardo Magana and Jackie Munoz.”

“Marni Gittleman with reDiscover…

“Marni Gittleman with reDiscover Center and Leslie Gray Glowmasphere an immersive art experience where the gestures and sounds of visitors within a geodesic dome are interpreted by artists into cast shadows and silhouettes projected onto the structure’s translucent skin.”

“Karen Atkinson GLOWbal A…

“Karen Atkinson GLOWbal A large screen coated with phosphorescent paint that holds the shape of projected images, like an echo repeats a sound, invites public interaction.”

“Shana Koenig Solar Sea…

“Shana Koenig Solar Sea Sculptures Spread amongst two locations, floating luminescent forms, reminiscent of those found in the depths of the ocean, respond to and interact with glow’s audience.”

What I have been…

September 27

What I have been doing off and on for the last three days, for 20-25 hours – catching up in anticipation of the huge Sunday finale extravaganza, with me waiting for the show to be released to a streaming service while the other gaBillion viewers watch intently glued to their TVs wondering…What’s Going To Happen?

And then the internet will light up with Such Emotionally Held Opinions.

Look what came in…

September 26

Look what came in the mail yesterday! I sat with the girls last week and we shopped away on the internet to pick their birthday Matching PJs and this time we even got Matching PJs for their American Girls! Sooo cute.

Thanks for the picture Angela!


We had a really…

September 25

We had a really fun dinner at FIG, the celebrity chef spot at the Fairmont/Miramar Hotel where, if you order between 5 and 6 everything at the bar and everything on the menu is Half Off. Wow, SUCH a deal. And delicious too!

I got to go…

September 24

I got to go to Lilly’s school today, at Sand Tots. She’s a big girl now and has moved upstairs…

A long weekend of…

September 20-22

A long weekend of R&R in the Santa Ynez valley with Robert and Joanna, and Bob and Desda, down from SF way, and Carl and Lynn, and Ben and Bonnie, and Richard from around LA. Unfortunately Emilia was very ill and couldn’t make it.

Also Angela’s. These…

Also Angela’s. These are some pictures collected over these days that I’ve been in Santa Ynez. That story to follow!

Rome, Avery, Finley


These girls have been…

These girls have been having birthdays together since they were ONE!

Zoe, Sydney Clayton, Rome, Nora, Sydne Carmon, Sydney Soussan. Sydney Clayton’s party on Zoe & Rome’s actual birthday.


And in Hawaii …..

And in Hawaii .. Caleb’s birthday is the day before Rome’s. Happy Birthday Caleb. Next time we get together you can drive me around!


Then Lilly and I…

Then Lilly and I took Rome to her Musical Theater class and Lilly and the other siblings played with ponies while we waited.

Allergy-Infection-Just Sick…WHAT?! I’m…

September 16

Allergy-Infection-Just Sick…WHAT?! I’m going to the doctor today. This ear thing is a new development in addition to my usual allergy symptoms. I’m going to review the whole ‘I’ve got allergies’ diagnosis! (But still, it’s nothing like a cold, or the flu, or anything else that’s ever crossed my path.)

What the doctor said: No infection, no obstruction, no injury, no fever .. no idea. They want me to see an ENT guy. Fine.

An allergy update:
2013 July Kauai/Honolulu; August&September UK
2012 June in MN; November baaad at home
2011 March in MN; November after W’s wedding
2010 February; June (both mild)
2009 December at home
2007 November during the fires
2006 March just back from Hawaii
2005 April; June; October; (now that was a bad year!)

Time to PAR-TEEE! …

September 15

Time to PAR-TEEE! Angela brought all the food for both parties and gift bag contributions, and otherwise the venues did an excellent job. And a grand time was had by all!

Everyone got to make…

Everyone got to make a mermaid plate. They rolled out the clay, cut out the shell shape, made a transfer, and painted the mermaid. In a couple of weeks after they are all fired up the kids will have something special that they made themselves.

Then there was pizza and salad and cupcakes and then…

One of the teachers…

One of the teachers did a demonstration showing the kids how to throw a pot on a wheel.

At first they were all standing back, waiting, watching, and then slowly, inch by inch, as they became totally entranced by the magic of it all they moved in closer and closer until there was not another step to be taken.

The teacher said she was making the pot for Rome, for her birthday. One of the other girls said she’d like one and the teacher said if she wanted to have her birthday party there too that would be great.

They were really on the ball, passing out certificates to the kids for one free class and a few other things to promote their business, and everyone was delighted.

Between the two parties…

Between the two parties we got a quick lunch at a very good Thai place with the Elinoffs who had driven out from the valley to spend the day at birthday parties.

Lilly’s party was at…

Lilly’s party was at the dance studio where she takes classes. The kids had a blast. They played games and learned a rather long dance routine too.

Here’s Princess Belle who…

Here’s Princess Belle who came to say Happy Birthday to Lilly! She stayed long enough for all the kids to ask her any questions they wanted. It was quite adorable. They wanted to know where she lived and if she had any pets. I didn’t hear all the questions but the kids were in rapt attention.

There are certainly better pictures of this scene that I will acquire.

Charlie, Gianna, Bailey, LILLY!, Rome, Anya, Nora, Lila, Ella, Giah, Princess Belle who lives in a castle with her pet cat and her pet horse and the Prince who came to the party in a carriage.

The Happy Birthday Song…

The Happy Birthday Song .. and Cupcakes!

I wish I had a picture from tonight, of Darryl and Angela, after the girls had opened all their presents and were asleep snug in their beds. That must have been a beautiful moment, to have seen their girls so happy, and to be done.

Happy Birthday Dear Lilly!…

September 14

Happy Birthday Dear Lilly! She’s enjoying a major chow-down on her birthday strawberry shortcake, her favorite and the reason we are at this restaurant.

Lilly is four today…

Lilly is four today and Rome will be eight one week from today. Lilly is the age that Rome was when Lilly was born. We’ve had a lot of fun with this!

Today, on her exact…

Today, on her exact birthday Lilly got to choose a restaurant for lunch. Then tomorrow in the morning Rome will have her birthday party with her friends, and in the afternoon Lilly will have her birthday party with her friends and then on this coming Saturday Rome gets to choose her restaurant for lunch.

It’s a Birthday Party BONANZA!

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