’07 October

Back from Mexico on the 19th, Maira Kalman, Merlyn-Hilda etc., a little Getty, Fall.

I went with the…

October 30

I went with the Nancies to the Los Angeles Central Public Library for a reading and q&a with Maira Kalman. We loved it. Isn’t that cup just so Book Club.

From their website:
“Maira Kalman The Principles of Uncertainty
Illustrations, Parables, Films.
In conversation with Louise Steinman, author and curator, ALOUD

The illustrator, author and designer—known for her many New Yorker covers (including the famous map of “Newyorkistan”)—contends with existential questions like: “What is identity?” “Why do we fight wars?” “Why do hearts break in February and why do some people have a hankering for a dodo sandwich?” Note: you are encouraged to wear your favorite hat to this program.”

It’s a wonderful program,…

It’s a wonderful program, the Aloud series, and I hope to attend many more.

If you don’t know Maira Kalman you’re Lucky because you’ve got a real treat ahead. Ask your favoite browser and prepare to be delighted.

Down in the parking…

Down in the parking lot. From Nancy D. Attendees at the Public Library Book Reading. Yup, that’s us too…


Alex and Carol visiting…

October 28

Alex and Carol visiting on one of my favorite patios, the one at Merlyn and Hilda’s house. All these folks have schedules far more complex than mine! Jake has two mommies. He has two daddies too…and yet he appears relatively sane.

It Still gets to…

It Still gets to be Sandy’s birthday because I didn’t get to go to any of the other parties!

The backlog from my…

October 26

The backlog from my month away which I will be enjoying probably until New Years.

I am currently obsessed with the idea of learning a little more Spanish and organizing a trip to Cuba where I hopehope to find a nice accommodating Cuban Salsa class. I’ve seen such a program offered on several UK and Canadian websites so I’m optimistic.

Wow, Cuba. I watched dozens of videos on YouTube. To me anyway the Spanish does not sound substantially different from what I’ve been hearing in Mexico but the look and feel is not nearly as Latin as I expected but mostly the feel of the Caribbean. I wanna see too! But then maybe I should just go to Miami?!

We went right through…

We went right through the Weston exhibit to get to this guy – Luc Delahaye. It was a wowzer. This photograph was printed 10 feet long. It’s stunning and wonderful.

The Getty says: ‘Delahaye sometimes combines elements from different shots taken at the same event to create a more powerful rendering of the scene, as in this composition of an intense, active group of journalists at the 132nd Ordinary Meeting of the Conference. The chaotic backdrop contrasts with the official formality of the OPEC members seated along the table.’


This is an installation…

This is an installation called ‘Please Be Seated’. What the Getty says: ‘The installation blends footage from decorative arts galleries in the Getty Museum and three French museums with live video captured by a surveillance camera.

‘As you sit in reproductions of the original chairs, you become part of the installation, virtually entering historic recreations of 18th-century French spaces. With this installation Cohen compresses time and space to create a metaphorical game of musical chairs.’

Hi sweetie! We…

October 24

Hi sweetie! We had fun! I had to leave early because BMG et al were in from Long Island and we had dinner at omg what a treat Melisse.

Finely we were all…

October 23

Finely we were all in the same city at the same time to celebrate Bill’s July birthday. Bill’s daughter Mindy came along too.

Internet shots of the…

Internet shots of the So Cal Fire. Many members of Marsha’s family were evacuated (everyone is back now without loss) and other than that no one else I know was in danger.

Got home late on…

October 20-22

Got home late on Friday night and then on Saturday I got to see Rome and Darryl and Angela too who all stopped by in the morning. Awww.

We went for brunch…

We went for brunch at the place down the street and then stopped off at the local pumpkin patch. Here’s Rome noticing my camera…GrannyGranny Graaaany. Special thanks to Angela for keeping me in Rome’s world even while I was gone. Thank you!

Then we hung around…

Then we hung around the house for a while and Rome amused herself getting the go pieces organized.

Sunday was the wonderful wedding during which I made plenty of merry and took not one photo, and slept over at Marsha’s. Monday was a nice welcome home walk with Sharon and a Monday night with those dancing stars.

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