’20 March

Greetings Spring…and the containment begins, start date: March 16.

Last day of this…

March 31

Last day of this month and (at least) another month to go.

Trump…SIGH! You either think he’s a stable genius who tells it like it is, or you think he is an embarrassing and dangerous narcissist who will say absolutely anything to make himself look better with the truth being entirely beside the point.


My fault, I watched…

My fault, I watched the news. I had a wave of bad-sad-mad wash over me. So I decided to make myself a face mask. I know it’s working because it’s hard to breathe.

This was fun! …

March 30

This was fun! On youtube I typed in ..coronavirus parody songs.. and got many pages of treats. Not every one that came up was good but so many were, I was chuckling for a good long time.

I am taking this…

I am taking this as good news. Walking around my block today as I do often, I saw this guy on the left and realized it’s the same plant I have so many of along the path to the back. Mine have been in since mid-December and they are just sitting there, not dead.

So not dead is good and I’m just going to imagine how handsome they’ll look if they ever get a grow on.

Today I opened both…

March 29

Today I opened both the front and back doors and a window in each room, and turned on the ceiling fans. I was a cross-breezin’ fool and it felt fantastic.

After Two Full Weeks (Day 14!) of being almost entirely IN the air got to feeling a little too heavy, maybe aromatic is the word, if you know what I mean.

Oh my goodness, a…

Oh my goodness, a news team in Kauai shot this video from the back lawn of the house where I would have been in three days. The water came into the house and hit the tatami room, where I’ve always set-up ‘my office’ when I’m there. Fingers crossed they can save the koa wood floors!

Here’s a link:
Massive overnight flooding
Here’s a copy/paste:


Sweet! One of…

March 28

Sweet! One of my neighbors dropped these flowers off on my front porch. What a delightful explosion of sunshine to brighten my day!

These are the hardware-independent…

March 27

These are the hardware-independent free apps that I know of for video chats, they all will run on any phone, any tablet, any computer. Today I reminded myself what I knew about them because I wanted to be one of the Cool Kids and learn how to use Houseparty.

Houseparty makes money if you play their games, although there are plenty of free games too, and they have vowed not to sell your personal data. I just played one game with Lilly and her friends and it was good fun.

If you want to give it a try, make an account and I’ll ‘party’ with you!

Primary uses I hear about these days:
Business and legacy…Skype
One-on-one visit…Hangouts
Travelling abroad…WhatsApp
Easy video to save and share…Duo

Oh yeah, snapchat and facebook have video chats. There are no doubt a dozen more!

Cynthia’s company is using Highfive and Darryl’s company is using Chime, just as an example, so there are plenty of ’em out there.

Check me out. …

March 26

Check me out. For the first time in 20 years I own a TV! I got this TV installed on February 17. Great timing, right, it’s almost like I knew.

I did not know.

I’m not done with the corner, now it’s just a collection of things I already had, and where I like to put the chair doesn’t work to watch the TV. It’ll be fun when just the right things present themselves!

Day TEN! I…

March 25

Day TEN! I have a running to-do list and I add and subtract every morning. There is always plenty to do because I am a lazy dog.

Two things I’ve had on this list since the beginning: 1) get out the ladder and clean the kitchen bay window and 2) get out the ladder to reach the hidden oranges.

I’m taking both these chores off the list. Friends, (so as not to take up an emergency bed unnecessarily) I should not get out the ladder.

My corner. Whole…

My corner. Whole Foods has Old People’s Hour 7-8 every morning and Trader Joe’s lets Old People cut the line. (Now TJs has Old People Hour too, 8-9.) Oh yes, I have plenty of food!

If you do this…

March 24

If you do this at her pace it takes less than a minute. If you take your time you might be able to stretch it out to a minute and a half. You can always do it twice. I promise, you won’t be sorry!

Here’s a link:
Sun Salute with Mandy Ingber

Here’s a copy/paste:


The Main Branch of…

March 23

The Main Branch of the Santa Monica Public Library. They’re closed of course, and my library card had expired so I called them up and a sweet librarian answered the phone! She reinstated my status as an active user and I was ready to rock ‘n roll.

I don’t know if she could get someone going who had not previously had a card, but it might be worth a call to your library if you’re interested because…


…you can download these…

…you can download these two programs and have Free access to a TON of media.

OverDrive lets you get on a waitlist for the current bestsellers, and they might have what you want available. If not, try hoopla which is easier to use, one click and it’s yours for three weeks.

They both have e-books, audiobooks, and movies too. I’m excited!

YAY, GREAT, the two…

March 22

YAY, GREAT, the two things I’ve thought about every day for the last week (this is Day Seven), and wishing I had on hand.

I went to the Old People’s Hour at Whole Foods today and although there were mostly empty shelves, still there was plenty of food including some cans and some frozen veg, etc., and the fresh fruits and veg area was completely stocked, the pre-made case was full but not the buffet, and they had a wide selection of fresh and frozen meat, chicken, and fish, and the dairy was thin but they had some of everything. And very few people!

But no paper goods. Not a square.

To avoid wasting any…

To avoid wasting any time on the ‘how do I feel now? how do I feel Now’ internal dialogue I sip on water all day long (no problem with access to the bathroom since I’m HOME…) and I take my temperature in the morning. All good.

It’s Spa Day in…

March 21

It’s Spa Day in my bathroom! Ahhhh, all hot and steamy up to my chin. I am So Clean even down to those little sticky bits hiding under my toes.

Here’s the big excitement…

March 20

Here’s the big excitement for today, Day Five, PIZZA!

I’ve been cooking a lot, eating something tasty and freezing the leftovers in an effort not to waste of course, and to have freezer backup since frozen food is so often gone from the market. I haven’t seen any since the big rush began. This afternoon I wanted pizza bad, and within an hour, there it was at my door, pizza.

So isn’t it a little like the zombie apocalypses, but with Netflix, and pizza.

Social Distancing doesn’t seem…

Social Distancing doesn’t seem to be the order of the day in Hawaii!

Lona got there in time for a very big event in the life of the family, Christa’s Residency Match Day. It’s the complicated way newly minted doctors get assigned to a residency program. Christa got her first choice. She is going to be in California and we are all SO happy!


Look at my much…

March 19

Look at my much older sister Lona, who looks 49, right, and TeeTee who has been a daughter to her for years now. I’m going to copy/paste from Lona’s email entitled “Breaking news!”.

So the Corona virus is speeding up wedding bells! TeeTee got a call from Michael in London yesterday, Wednesday afternoon. He said with all this sickness going around he did not like TeeTee being in one country and him in another, so he asked her to come to England immediately. She said she would be glad and excited to do that. The only problem was she would not leave me unless she handed me over directly to Trevor and Beth. We called them. They said absolutely, get on the next plane! Well Charis was having a 1 hour layover at LAX today, Thursday, from Charlotte. Beth managed to get me on the same flight so in less than 24 hours arrangements were made and I am now sitting in the airport with Charis waiting for our plane to Hawaii to board.

I will miss TeeTee dreadfully but I know that this is in God’s plan and the best thing for her. And because of that I am very very happy. Besides, it’ll be fun to be with the Hawaii Browns for a while. No, I I’m not moving there at this time! Because of the Corona virus though, I don’t know when I’ll be going back to LA. Everything is in flux, as it probably is for you.

Bon Voyage Lo, I’ll miss having you both around! And Mazel Tov to TeeTee!!

This is the most…

March 16

This is the most full section of the yard. The rain has been good to us for several days with enough but not too much.

So I’m saying to myself since I have to be home I have no reason not to clear up those weeds I complain about relentlessly.

This might have been…

March 15

This might have been my last outing for a while. Lill and I went to the Swedish deli where we ate good food and bought a few things and then had a stroll along Main Street in Santa Monica. It was lovely.

Driving home I was listening to the radio and heard Gavin Newsom’s address and q&a. Despite being sorry about the outcome, I was SO happy to hear a government official speak in full sentences using words (a lot of words, yes) where one followed the other in an actual sequence. I don’t even remember if I voted for Gavin Newson in the primary, I don’t even remember if I like him, but anyway now I looove Gavin Newsom.

Brigitte and her dad…

March 14

Brigitte and her dad Désiré celebrating his 82nd birthday at the historic Trade Exchange in Antwerp. Eighty-Two, lookin’ good! I won’t tell you how old Brigitte is because she looks 29. Good looks run in the family!


I am feeling especially…

March 13

I am feeling especially disquieted this morning. Here it is, the last straw, the ‘new’ shirt that just arrived. amazon.com has been failing me, personally.

For the last couple months I’ve been comforted by how easy it is to return items to amazon but now I’m feeling annoyed at having to return so many.

Upon reflection my nasty shirt is not such a big deal, because what’s really bothering me is Trump. He is such a pathological liar, lies repeated, his lies taken up by others, I’m feeling rage, not good, and letting the sound of his voice make my head ache and my stomach hurt.

Let’s not forget, George W Bush was a bad president (but maybe he wasn’t a bad person?). He let liars convince him to act on lies. And just because Trump is a liar beyond memory or imagination (and a terrible Terrible person!), that doesn’t make all the other liars in the world ok in comparison.

But this guy? I have to stop now.

So, washing the dishes…

So, washing the dishes this morning I decided to look up and find something cheerful.

1) I bought that orchid on December 2 when the Trader Joe’s opened down the street and all its buds have continued to bloom brightly ever since.

2) Windy gave me the Ginger-Turmeric-Galangal-Black pepper-Cayenne powder. Put a pinch in a cup of hot water and now we’re talkin’ YUM.

This is dang disappointing…

March 9

This is dang disappointing because the moon was in its full glory, so clear and colorful, and all I got was this big glowy orb, from Marsha’s driveway as the Monday Nighters head home.

I think I know what I need to do in these circumstances but with 20 seconds before it’s gone I couldn’t get it done in time. I need to practice!

Jill and Lill…they DID…

March 8

Jill and Lill…they DID IT! You guys are AWESOME. I just learned, Jill and Lill are Both looking at 50 in the rearview mirror. Yes You Can!


First Windy came by…

March 7

First Windy came by and we had a nice visit in the morning and then Lona and TeeTee came over and we had a nice lunch. Nice day, right.

After lunch young strong TeeTee pulled off an entire shopping bag of oranges which they took home to juice up for the freezer.


Marsha’s friends John and…

March 6

Marsha’s friends John and Lorraine are visiting from Kansas City. We, Marsha and I, stayed at their place in KC back in January 2019 to watch the last total eclipse of the sun.

Why the wheelchair? Marsha fell doing yard work and smashed up her baby toe. OUCH! Oh my goodness, No Falling!

We went to the Annenberg Beach House to visit..

And have lunch at…

And have lunch at the Back on the Beach Café. This isn’t us, it’s our restaurant neighbors and I couldn’t resist.

This guy managed 35…

This guy managed 35 4th graders for 2 1/2 hours and kept then all engaged. I was awestruck by his power.

Costumes of California were…

Costumes of California were the order of the day. Lilly was an avocado. We had grapes too, and cowboys and gold miners and surfers.

That’s Ann’s friend Kat…

March 4

That’s Ann’s friend Kat and her relatively new boyfriend Steve. They are passing thorough coming from Thailand on their way back home in South Carolina.

We had a yummy sushi lunch – this picture is from their balcony in Thailand where they stayed for two months(!).


I stopped off at…

March 3

I stopped off at The Hammer this morning to leave my absentee ballot. Not good! The place was packed BAD. The line was so long and the room so full I would call it a barrier to voting.

I most sincerely hope they take note and improve before the general election.

They I picked up…

They I picked up Sharon from Jules Stein at UCLA. Pretty cool decoration, this.

Strolling down to the…

March 2

Strolling down to the Water Garden to meet Darryl for a quick lunch, oh goodness, Spring Is In the Air.

Marija hosted Monday Night…

Marija hosted Monday Night and here are her birthday cards artfully arranged on the piano. She did get some sweet ones from other people, and a bunch of rude ones from us.

I went to Lona’s…

March 1

I went to Lona’s to share some of the seemingly endless oranges from my tree and for a little visit. Remember from last month, that picture of her in her foot cast. She is Very Tired of hauling that gigantic cast around.

So she can’t go out, but this is the view from her living room!

Again with the garage,…

Again with the garage, I found a bag with a few decades of old glasses. They aren’t all here because I’m missing at least my favorite pair of Persols that I never could replace.

I did get some odd flashbacks, remembering some picture where I was wearing one of these. I couldn’t place the date or even what color my hair was at the time.

Weird, and not to be repeated because they collect old glasses at Saint Johns so I’m very excited to pass them along.

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