The Griffith Observatory

All from after the renovations of 2006.

(all the photos…

The Griffith Observatory (all the photos are post-remodel)

I’ve taken the quoted material from and wikipedia. (Oh Wikipedia, you are a treasure chest of shiny.)

The most amazing feat…

The most amazing feat of engineering is how they kept the entire original building and added all the structures for the expansion down the mountain.

Be sure to watch the construction film at the Leonard Nemoy Event Horizon theater when you visit!

May 1935…….Building opens to public
December 1978..Formation of Friends Of The Observatory
January 2002…Closes for renovation and expansion
October 2002…Groundbreaking for construction
March 2006…..Construction substantially complete
July 2006……Exhibit installation substantially complete
November 2006..Building reopens to the public

We got off fairly…

We got off fairly early for the Griffith Observatory where we planned to take some pictures. You’ll notice the out-in-the-country feeling in other photos. From this view it’s all LA.

You can click here for a longer story with a larger collection of photos and some history of the: Griffith Observatory.

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