’06 August

Home Sweet Home!

Tonight was the last…

August 31

Tonight was the last of the Thursday night free concerts at the pier. These things are a delight even though I usually lose patience and rarely stay until the end, still, it’s a treat, and a nice chance to experience my tax dollars at work. Check out the pier and the Twilight Dance Series and More.

Here’s another good lookin’…

August 29

Here’s another good lookin’ crowd.

Alex and Carol are taking a hurricane season break from their sailing adventures visiting around the West with friends and relatives. They’re staying with Merlyn and Hilda and have brought Alex’s Mom and Dad from Florida to join in the house party. Hilda’s Mom came too for dinner and what a Persian feast it was!

I don’t know who…

August 28

I don’t know who took this photo – I snagged it off Angela’s site. Baaabies!! a little too young to pay my Social Security but still, gorgeous.

the Gang:
Back row from LtoR Synthia, Angela with Rome, Liza with Marquez and Beth with Kayla
Lower row from LtoR Susie with Ellie, Emily with Zoe and Charlean with Sydne


From Cape Cod. …

From Cape Cod. I didn’t use this one because I’d already used sooo many of these sunsets that you can’t believe are real. That darkest red is my favorite shade for toenail polish.

I bought this book…

August 27

I bought this book in the airport in Toronto, finished it on the plane, and was just now considering who to give it to since I don’t let stuff pile up anymore.

But now I understand! I know why people want to keep their books around. As your eye passes over the books you’ve read you are reminded of title, author, a hint of plot, and maybe even a sense of how you felt when you read it.

I will give this book away and by next weekend will have no way to recall even the title, let alone the author or the plot, and be left with only the vague discomfort of the forgotten, like I’ve forgotten most of all the other books I’ve given away or borrowed-and-returned.

But then I’m sure to trip across a reminder somewhere in life and say ‘Oh! I read that book. It was pretty good. Just right for a five hour flight.’

Here are a few…

August 26

Here are a few shots from the trip I didn’t use the first time through. I’ll probably be doing a few more today, maybe, and slot them into their chapter.

High School actors in David’s play.

Home Sweet Home! …

August 25

Home Sweet Home! Here’s a click to my July and August Back East.

Thanks especially to my dear friends who made me feel so welcome in their homes these last many weeks. And extra thanks and a hug and a kiss to you who wrote to me while I was away. I am grateful. You are good people and I love you.

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