’05 the rest of August

A train trip to SB, a train trip to L&B&X&A, a train to visit CC, The Baby Shower(!), Basquiat and More.

Marija, Ljubica and I…

August 30

Marija, Ljubica and I went to Santa Barbara by train and having the opportunity to visit the mission with a couple of good Catholic girls I learned a thing or two.

We got dropped off and picked up by car (thanks Melinda and Brian!), rode the train, walked a lot, took the trams, even hitched a ride up a long hot hill and had a great time seeing the sights from every mode of transpotation.

I was cogitating the…

I was cogitating the whole time in the back of my mind. Do I or do I not want to take a train trip across country?

Here is the circle of doubt: 1) wow, this is fun 2) really easy and at such a good price too 3) and you can see everything 4) wow, look at that fill-in-the-blank 5) why can’t they clean these stupid windows and anyway I want to stop, I want to look around, why can’t I stop? 6) this s*cks 7) wait 2 minutes and repeat from 1).

This and the three that follow I shot out the dirty window of the train.

Sundown, the time when all scenery wants to be a photo.

We went to a…

We went to a new sushi place that has adopted the convayer-belt style of delivery along with the high-tech hard-surface slick-box feel of a place that belongs in another country.

The fish was not of the first order and the techno-pop music was loud as befits such a youth-oriented place, but actually, it was ok and the price was fair for the quality.

The next day -…

The next day – let’s go to the Movies. We saw a strange Japanese film that will not, anytime soon, be playing at the multiplex near you. Nancy and Nancy thought it was good, I thought it had some interesting visuals but was basically annoying and Sandy couldn’t wait for it to be over.

I’m here at the…

August 24

I’m here at the King’s during their preparations for a one month trip to Germany during which time they will prepare for their five year stay abroad.

Moving half-way ’round the world does force you to ask the really big questions in life. For example, ‘which in this huge box full of logo/souvenir coffee cups do I really want to keep?’

Xander in a pensive moment.

The Baby Shower! …

August 20

The Baby Shower! This is the first picture (thanks Sandy) there will be others, and none of them will be mine because I was otherwise engaged, using Liz’s expression, in charge of Crowd Control. More pictures, more story, forthcoming.


My mother again thinking…

August 19

My mother again thinking about Bobby Darin. Everyone knows by now that my mother is in love with Bobby Darin. Every Every Single time I see her she remarks on how unfortunate it is that she has fallen in love with a dead man.

I’m not sure if she is in love with Bobby Darin. I think she is in love with Kevin Spacey playing Bobby Darin in Beyond The Sea, a movie that she has seen on dvd no less than 68 times by now. And yet she still can’t get even one line of the song straight. For her this is the whole song: ‘my lover stands’ and then she adds ‘waiting for me’. And why not.

I know, that’s my hair.

Mindy and Nancy and…

Mindy and Nancy and I met at Shutters for a big breakfast. Nancy took this pretty in pink and peach picture.

The service at Shutters was agonizingly slow and the food was not up to the price. But we all really Really enjoyed the bacon.


Then we strolled. …

Then we strolled. It was one of those days where much of the conversation kept circling back to agreeing what a great day it was.

Then Nancy went shopping and Mindy and I met Marsha and Kelly for a big lunch at The King’s Head and a yummy well-made well-presented Black and Tan.

I ate a bowl of cereal for dinner.


Cousin Nancy, cousin Sharon’s…

August 18

Cousin Nancy, cousin Sharon’s cousin, not my cousin, and not red-headed Nancy… so, cousin Nancy played hooky from work today. This is me, riding through Beverly Hills on the bus to meet at her place.

We previously had planned to go to MOCA after work but what with hooky and all, we went during the day. During the day during the week, my favorite.

Earlier in the week…

Earlier in the week I rented the movie ‘Basquiat’ and am so glad to have seen it before visiting this amazing show.

The exhibit is definitely worth a look especially on Thursday night when you can get in for free. Here’s a link to read about Basquiat and until October, probably, when the show closes this link to MOCA is good.

Nancy, standing in front of the building wondering if I could please cut it out with the pictures and move along.

I can’t walk by…

I can’t walk by this place without grabbing a few more shots. I’m thinking maybe in five years to gather them up for one long chapter. I wonder if I’m taking the same picture over and over.

Sandy took me out…

August 17

Sandy took me out for my birthday mani-pedicure and then we went for lunch at World Cafe. Here is our charming and professional waiter who brought the lunch split without us even asking.

A baby at the…

A baby at the restaurant. The dad was 60 if he was a day, retired and taking care of this lovely child. And that hair is so real.

Friday I unpacked and…

Friday I unpacked and wondered what time it was and then Saturday trained it down to see Cynthia and spend the night. Oh lucky me.

We went to the Sawdust Festival and saw this guy and his work which is also displayed in Cynthia’s office.

We were both taken…

We were both taken with the clever work made by this artist.

It’s true, the largest extant inventory of VW buses must be in Hawaii. One afternoon I saw a dozen of them as I was walking down Waikiki. And surfers rule. Not really. Really tourists rule. And Japanese wedding parties.

Here he is: http://www.scottmooreart.com

Sunday was Anya’s first…

Sunday was Anya’s first birthday party and it was a great time. But no pix! I’m going down next week to help with the packing up and will focus on getting some shots of the kids.

In the absence of my own family, here is a picture Boban sent of his girls. Awwww.


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