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Roger and Sandy….

Roger and Sandy.

Roger‘s site is his plan to bring peace and unity to the world. All who were there remember back in the 60’s when Roger’s ideas were taking form. Here they are going on 40 years later out there in cyber-ville. This is a man who Hangs In There. Join up!

Sandy is doing a lot on line these days. Here is her Perfect Spot Tours company and her lovely Fine Art site.

Julie and her partner…

Julie and her partner Connie run Redstone Studios. (That’s me and Julie, not Connie and Julie…)

Among the numerous highlights you can review on this site, one of their current works is prominently displayed behind Dick Chaney’s chair and on view in Vanity Fair.

My niece Betsy, my…

My niece Betsy, my nephew Lucas and my grand nephew sweet baby Sander. This is the Most Fantastically Elaborate Cyber-BabyBook any baby could imagine. And he’s just a few months old!

(Sadly, the link is broken, the baby book is gone! I am hassle them to republish!)

My SON, The Dad!…

My SON, The Dad! Darryl!! and my spectacular granddaughter Rome. His massively entertaining website includes opinion (oh yeah), cool stories, and plenty of interesting links.

And of course you’ve got to pay the bills. Wish you had an online presence? Check him out!

Us at the gym….

Us at the gym. Julie is here doing all she can to make me realize how important fitness is to a long and healthy life and how important it is to Focus on a regular workout program and not be so Lackadasical about fitness and to Get With The Program. Ok ok ok…I’ll try…

Michael Salsburg from the good old days…

Michael Salsburg from the good old days in my first computer job before there were PCs, before there were terminals even. We scratched out our programs in pencil, supplemented by very large erasers, and gave them to the keypunchers and got a pile of cards back the next day where, because the keypuncher took the o for a 0, the dang program refused to run and the cycle was repeated the next day and the next. And don’t even Think about dropping that box of cards!

Michael’s site has a lot about his current interests and nothing about computers. For example, he sent me this picture.

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