’21 June

It’s my birthday season…

Left Overs

Some Farmers Market, I don’t remember where.

A few of Angela’s new house pictures from Instagram:

From D&A’s prior house, all those walls are painted the same color:

One of the Wednesday lunches with the kids. We each ordered a 3-plate and all got different things. What fun, so many tastes!


Another one of our Wednesday activities, Lilly enjoying a photo shoot.

Getting Real

My first trip to the MOVIES. Oh my goodness. Marsha and I saw In The Heights. We were so excited. POPCORN was involved! Then the next day I saw a headline saying that with the new virulent spread of the delta variant we are once again advised to wear masks inside. SIGH!


The trucks come tomorrow. WOW, right?! Lilly is marking her boxes “Front Bedroom”. It’s so exciting!

And here they are from Angela’s Instagram. These rooms are going to be so great.

Pancakes and More

I’ve been pining for pancakes at Du-Par’s for months and now I’ve had them and don’t need to have pancakes again for a good long time. Thanks Nancy for coming along!

No Whales Dolphins

SO many dolphins! Ken put this whole day together And he drove from the valley to pick me up and then on to Newport Beach. What a treat! It was billed as a whale watching tour. Nope on the whales but WOW on the dolphins!

It takes 30 minutes to get out of the harbor and 30 minutes back in where the engines are running quietly and the pace is easy-going but outside the harbor the boat is roaring along and the captain said the water was particularly rough. We had a lovely time, nice seats, fine weather, and we were both a-ok with the rock ‘n roll.
And gulls tailing the boat the whole way in and out.
Then we walked for a couple miles through lovely residential neighborhoods to this cool restaurant set in a lighthouse, and then we walked back. Thanks Ken for a beautiful day!


Thank You Ladies

Ann and I share the June Birthday Extravaganza with the Ladies Who Lunch and what a good time we had! A delicious meal, rude cards, and cash. Just right!

me, Ann, Ljubica, Becky, Alicia, Maxine, Marija, Marsha

This is me and Ann from the previous week having enjoyed a refreshing swim in Ann’s pool. As summer wears on I expect to be enjoying that pool more often!




A First Flush

Jo Ann and Muriel brought me a wonderful Birthday Breakfast, so good and just what I wanted. I wish I had remember to take our picture, adorable as we are.

A New National Holiday

And my birthday too! Cynthia treated me and Windy to a splendid sushi dinner. They kept an empty seat between the parties so it was all very comfortable and delicious. When I tried to pay for the ‘overs’ Ken, the owner and main sushi-man, said no no don’t worry your daughter said she wanted to pay for everything…which caused everyone at the sushi bar to ask about my daughter and why I was getting such a fine treat.  Many Happy Birthdays ensued. 

Before sushi we went for a stroll in Fern Dell, a part of Griffith Park we both remembered from our youth. We grew up in Hollywood so all the in-town venues were closer than the Westside where we live now.

They must do daily sweeps since there were no tents or even people sleeping on benches but the creek was not in good shape and the paths were stinky where clearly folks had spent the night. It wasn’t really this nice but I’m very glad to have had the chance to check it out.

Unlike the olden days when we used to walk up to the Observatory from Fern Dell…today we drove! That’s downtown in the distance.

I also had a fantastic moment in Parallel Parking. On my seventy-fourth birthday I made it into a spot with 1-2 feet clearance in ONE turn. It was a beautiful thing.

Persian Poetry Pals

..say Happy Birthday! (tomorrow…). Aren’t they adorable. Mehrzad, me, Victoria, Hilda, Luna. Judy didn’t make it today. These expressions say ’74?! That’s…well…old! Good for you!!’

I want to remember this exchange. Me: I remember when I wasn’t supposed to trust anyone over 30… Victoria: hey. wait!!!! if you can remember the 60’s, you weren’t there!! Me: Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself (I am large, I contain multitudes.) Walt Whitman.


School’s Out

Bonnie and I went to the Annenberg restaurant Back to the Beach for a late breakfast and a nice stroll.

It was something to see so many families out enjoying a day at the beach..in the middle of the day in the middle of the week on day two of the lifting of most of the mask mandates. Everyone was having so much fun it made me smile. And then we moved along down the shore where in a few minutes it was quiet. Why everyone was clumped together, I don’t know. I am expecting many many more people as the season moves along and more folks are out and about.

The Marion Davies House wasn’t open yet but there was a woman at the office who agreed to show us around since Bonnie had never been there before. A quick private tour, perfect! Here’s one of the bathrooms that’s usually unavailable to see.

Muriel and the Dinos

We had a good walk-about along the Promenade and then Palisades Park and then a surprisingly delightful meal at The Georgian hotel.

I realllly like the dinosaurs on the Promenade, and the jacarandas were feeling particularly perky too.

We do love those jacarandas, we do not love the mess…

Congratulations Lilly

Unlike the year before hers, Lilly got a ceremony at the school for her promotion from elementary to middle school. They did it outside with distancing and masks. Everyone was so happy to be out and many hugs ensued.

This is Lilly’s class, one of the four fourth grade classes.
Yay! For each class the teacher read a few sentences written by each student telling what their plans were for the future. Lilly intends to be an actress!
The Moms. I’m going to ask Angela for their names and the names of their kids. That’ll be fun!

We enjoyed a festive lunch for Lilly and her bff Roxie with Roxie’s family including My Friend PAULI who I haven’t seen in ages.

Those shirts have the name of the high school and on the back is the year of their high school graduation. They do this every year and the families so enjoy watching the kids grow into their shirts. ak.

Cute, right! There’s a picture of these four kids on every last-day-of-school since kindergarten. ak.

And here’s Rome messing around with the other kids for some photo-photo-fun. rk.

The school took these portraits of every graduate. I especially like Lilly’s hands here, holding her mask and her graduation certificate, an excellent summary of the 2020-2021 school year.

Bill and Cheryl Visiting From KC

The timing working out amazingly well since Bill and Cheryl had a few hours in the afternoon before their flight and I got home last night, so we got to enjoy each other’s company, the first time in, no surprise, So Long! I forgot to take a picture so here’s a selfie from the airport…

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