Congratulations Lilly

Unlike the year before hers, Lilly got a ceremony at the school for her promotion from elementary to middle school. They did it outside with distancing and masks. Everyone was so happy to be out and many hugs ensued.

This is Lilly’s class, one of the four fourth grade classes.
Yay! For each class the teacher read a few sentences written by each student telling what their plans were for the future. Lilly intends to be an actress!
The Moms. I’m going to ask Angela for their names and the names of their kids. That’ll be fun!

We enjoyed a festive lunch for Lilly and her bff Roxie with Roxie’s family including My Friend PAULI who I haven’t seen in ages.

Those shirts have the name of the high school and on the back is the year of their high school graduation. They do this every year and the families so enjoy watching the kids grow into their shirts. ak.

Cute, right! There’s a picture of these four kids on every last-day-of-school since kindergarten. ak.

And here’s Rome messing around with the other kids for some photo-photo-fun. rk.

The school took these portraits of every graduate. I especially like Lilly’s hands here, holding her mask and her graduation certificate, an excellent summary of the 2020-2021 school year.

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