’21 May

Not much for April showers so May flowers might be a problem.

Lilly Makes OC

OC=Original Characters in Lilly’s world (original content at Imgur). Look at that, it’s me. We did it together on zoom-share-screen and it was fun! It’s the crooked smile that makes it look particularly like me.

Sure Why Not Another One

I’m not in this one but everyone else is: Becky, Maxine, Ann, Marija, Marsha, Alicia, Ljubica.

Santa Monica City Hall Plus

Sharon and I did this walk for the first time in more than a year to City Hall, through Tongva Park, and food at Chez Jay. There are still so many things I used to do regularly and now haven’t done in more than a year. That’s going to just keep happening for quite a while it seems.

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