’09 September

Baby Time! welcoming lovely Lilly Grace to the world.

Lots of Grandbaby Time…

September 28-30

Lots of Grandbaby Time these last few days oh lucky lucky me. While we were on Lilly’s very first trip to Target I missed taking a shot but she was basically like this – asleep.

Rome had money and was out for some important additions to her fairy/Tinkerbell-and-Tinkerbell’s-family collection. That’s Silver Mist’s jewelry box.

…and this one too….

…and this one too. I just loove to take these pictures. I live here, for which I am grateful every single day.

And who wouldn’t want…

And who wouldn’t want to go to Mel’s?! You get your dinner delivered in a great car that you get to take home!

And there’s a table-top jukebox where you get to play Beatles songs! Oh fun!

Yummy dinner in a…

Yummy dinner in a car, The Beatles, dessert-candle-and a song, and your mommy. Perfection itself I’d say.

It’s the Ladybug Birthday!…

September 20

It’s the Ladybug Birthday! Happy Happy Fourth Birthday Rome!

(I’ve got a few more pictures for later…and a Grand time was had by all including baby Lilly and her mother Angela, a few days out of the hospital from a second c-section which, when I had a second c-section 31 years ago kept me on the couch for I don’t remember How long…but it was a long time!)

Here’s one from today….

September 19

Here’s one from today. Do you think there will be more?! Rome is wearing her ‘Big Sister’ necklace that she got from Lilly and Lilly is wearing her ‘Lil Sister’ bracelet that she got from Rome. Tooo cute.

Everybody’s home! Rome…

September 17

Everybody’s home! Rome could not hardly Wait to introduce Lilly to her adored neighbors April and John. Here’s John. He says he was once the size Lilly is now. But then he was some weeks premature…

From yesterday, Rome off…

September 16

From yesterday, Rome off to school! Darryl took her and stayed because a parent is required on the first day. I took her today and will tomorrow (waay fun for me since I’m getting to know many of the sweet parents and adorable kids).

When I dropped her off today she couldn’t say good-bye fast enough. There were cool toys to be played with after all.

Lilly spent a day…

Lilly spent a day and a half in the natal intensive care unit because of a low blood sugar finding. She’s back with Angela now and perfectly fine, as if there had never been a problem at all.

Can you guess? Yes, facebook.

You need to click…

You need to click on these two links. They’ll open in separate windows and you will see the stunning resemblance between Rome and Lilly as newborns. It’s crazy.

Lilly and Rome

This evening after dinner…

This evening after dinner Rome went outside and within a few minutes had created her own little living room complete with lounge and flower arrangement and bubble blowing opportunities.

Recently Rome and I…

September 15

Recently Rome and I have been watching a lot of Beatles videos on youtube and then, just fiddling around with raisin boxes Rome produced this configuration.

‘This one is Ringo’ she announced, pointing to the box in back. ‘Hey Rome, where does John stand’ I asked, and she got it right, of course. Ahhhh, another generation.

Lilly looks fabulous and…

Lilly looks fabulous and Angela is doing amazingly well too. Twenty-four hours after the c-section Angela was entirely disconnected, getting up and about, and standing up – standing up straight too I might add!

Kent took this one – me and Lilly, from yesterday.


Born today to Angela…

Born today to Angela and Darryl, little sister to Rome, and welcomed by one and all.

Oh yes, welcome to the world dear Lilly Grace! You lucked out sweet child with the most faabulous parents and as excellent a big sister as ever there was.

Then at dinner I…

Then at dinner I joined Ann and Cath for sushi. We always eat sushi together when Cath is in town. These are my very own Southern Belles. They were college classmates down south, a year ahead of me, and they look so YOUNG!

From before I went…

From before I went up north, Rome made this with her mommy. The cuteness of this construction is overwhelming, really.

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