’10 June

Home Sweet Home for my birthday month. Ok, Sixty Three. Wow is Right!

The LA Zoo! …

June 29

The LA Zoo! First you see Angela-Rome-Lilly followed by Ann-Claudia-Sarah.

The gang on a…

June 28

The gang on a tour inside Disney Hall. I took Lona, Hartley, Christa, and Melia for a buzz through downtown.

We were like little gophers, popping up from the Red Line to visit 1) Union Station, Phillipe’s, Olvera Street 2) Cathedral, Music Center, Disney Hall 3) Angel’s Flight, Biltmore Hotel 4) Mac Arthur Park, Langer’s.

A couple collections of…

June 26

A couple collections of Sharon’s pictures from Christa’s Sweet Sixteen and my 16×4-1. That’s sixteen sweets for our sweet sixteen and sixty three candles on my cake.


Isn’t this fun! …

Isn’t this fun! Happy Birthday Christa – Sweet Sixteen! And when we are together anywhere near our birthdays (June 19 and 20) Christa and I celebrate together which is my all time favorite thing!

Now why am I sitting all slumped over in my witch-hair, could someone explain me that?

I got to take…

June 25

I got to take my (very) great-nephew Caleb out for breakfast this morning and we enjoyed ourselves entirely watching the Brazil-Portugal soccer match, full of excitment ending 0-0 after 98 minutes.

You might wonder how a game would go 98 minutes. I know! I know a lot more now about soccer than I did before. Caleb told me about off-sides and free kicks and various other details using sugar packets and a salt shaker. Cool!

THEN I got to…

THEN I got to take my (very) great-niece Charis to lunch! (I just love it when they let me take the kids.)

For lunch we ate delicious mountains of yogurt and toppings. We ate the yogurt first so as not to get too full with lunch to enjoy our dessert. But then we were too full with dessert for lunch.

So instead we went to Michael’s and got a really neat craft to make. More fun!

The joys of a…

June 24

The joys of a beachwalk. Santa Monica: the gift that keeps on giving.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!…

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! They sing a song between each of the five or six books which adds interactivity to the event. Nicely done Storyopolis.

I got to help…

June 20

I got to help Marsha with the last stage of cleaning out her garage which was the last stage of Moving In. It was SO satisfying. (Except for the 10,000 framed pictures still about, but no one can help her with that. (This is an internet garage… their garage looks great too!))

Then I got to have dinner with, among others, my son’s family. Oh JOY.

This isn’t him though. I got distracted by all the fun and didn’t take any pictures. Sent by their daughter, this is Marija and Brian’s son-in-law Steve and his son Alex enjoying a Father’s Day outing.

I did totally KNOW how great all this Granny business would be but wow, how amazing it is to experience your kids with their kids. FanTAStic.

Not Marsha and Tom’s garage, not my son, not my grandchild. hmmm, I’m getting a bit lax it seems with the photophoto.

Happy Birthday to ME!My…

June 19

Happy Birthday to ME!

My little sister (who will be SIXTY in a couple months and That makes me know my age) took me to a Korean Spa for several hours including the full body scrub and massage, three kinds of sauna, a great steam room, a supersuper hot Jacuzzi, a cold plunge, showers and all the rest. What A Treat!

Later we ate. Dang fabulous for sure.

We, Brigitte, Sharon, and…

We, Brigitte, Sharon, and I meant to go to the Hollywood Bowl for the rehearsal like they Said we could when I called, but nope not today, closed to guests, so we went to the ever satisfying Getty instead and enjoyed a Highlights Tour, a garden walk, and a delicious picnic.

Then I joined the…

Then I joined the entire Brown clan for early dinner at the In ‘n Out Burger…

(front left and around: Caleb, Hartley, Janice, Lona, Trevor, Beth, Melia, Christa, Charis)

…followed by a pre-Father’s…

…followed by a pre-Father’s Day festivity including Hartley getting everyone big sticks to swing around and whack things and poke at crabs in the canals.

Then we went back to their place and ate two pounds of See’s Candy. Oh YEAH.

The guys came Out…

June 16

The guys came Out West this time treating me to a birthday dinner. What an entirely excellent evening! Thank you!!

…followed by a luncheon…

…followed by a luncheon party with Claudia, Rome, and Ashley, siblings, and moms, followed later by a yummy dinner and fun with the fam. What a great day!

I had a lovely…

June 14

I had a lovely lunch with Hilda today. Not this place – this is a picture Hilda just sent from when I visited her, Merlyn, Preston, and Cherel in Italy. You can find the story here in my visit to Rome.

Ben, in Ben and…

June 13

Ben, in Ben and Bonnie’s garden, cooking us some dins. Thanks for the evening!

Then, off Angela and…

Then, off Angela and Rome go for orientation and playdate at Rome’s NEW school! It’s all very exciting. And while they were gone Lilly and I had our own playdate. Oh yeah, it’s good to be Home!

Time for a haircut?


My dinos at the…

June 10

My dinos at the Promenade. The girl on the left has got a little rash but her pal behind her is feeling very well. The girl on the right and her sweetie are in tip-top shape. I didn’t make it down to the end to see how the third pair were faring.

I met Cousins Nancy and Sharon today for a long awaited reunion. How lovely to be home!

Angela picked me up…

June 7

Angela picked me up at the airport. Thank you sweetie! Rome had collected an entire gallon sized baggie of her art work as a welcome home gift. It’s SO sweet, and I’ll be creating a collage soon.

Awww, was I ever Glad to see them!

Technology Is My Friend….

Technology Is My Friend.

I feel so blessed to live now – look what I’ve got! perfect-for-me dslr photography, the genius of photoshop, omg the INTERNET (how did we LIVE without the internet? I should tell you about the first time I saw the pre-internet (what was that called?) and looked up ‘light bulb jokes’ and thought ‘ok, not today but pretty soon, whole new world’…little did I realize that ‘not today’ would be tomorrow), and my son who will make me websites just the way I like ’em.

If you missed anything or are interested in a rerun, click away.

Istanbul, Turkey.

Cappadocia, Turkey.

Jerusalem, Israel.

Up North, Israel.

Rome, Italy.

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