’02 January and February

Including: Cynthia’s birthday ski trip, Boban et al, Zander’s baby shower, The Hump, Superbowl, and More!

Minori – the local-to-work…

Minori – the local-to-work sushi joint I have been frequenting since even before it was Minori. The guy in the middle owns the place now and the guy in front is a very capable sushi man. The guy in the back is the new kid who cuts cucumber and makes California Rolls.

Sunset at my house….

Sunset at my house. (People who have seen this picture say ‘oh yea, like that’s your house’ and I say ‘close enough for rock-n-roll so there’.

Jordan will be three…

Jordan will be three years old in April. Country Girl or City Girl? I love the contrast in these pictures.

When I arrived at the old homestead she was pure country but within minutes she had got herself up in this beautiful dress, ready for the ball.

1 of 4…

1 of 4

This is what happens when you try and get four personalities into one shot especially when one of them is a rambunctious puppy, one of them is a two year old who has had it up to here, and two of them are just hoping for the best.

I always choose the picture most flattering to me. Sounds normal.

2 of 4…

2 of 4

We’ve hauled ourselves just about straight up this hill that borders their property behind the house. You can see far into the Santa Clarita valley

Everywhere on the several acres of property are gigantic, glorious California Live Oak fully protected by statute. Boban reports that the neighbors are in fact Live Oak Nazis who sit out at night with binoculars waiting to call the cops on any infraction. Keeping the trees will add to the challenge of building out the property but will add to the glory of the finished project too. They are quite spectacular.

3 of 4…

3 of 4

The potential of the property and the amount of work it will take to achieve that potential, well it makes my mind reel. We talked a lot about a master plan and just seeing the route on paper is like having a map when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Cynthia, Darryl and Angela…

Cynthia, Darryl and Angela suiting up for our ski outing at Mountain High. We got the 62 year old Austrian x-Olympian ski bum Hans for most of the day. Cynthia was flying over moguls (Hans to Cynthia: Com’on Com’on Let’s Go Now!), Darryl reporting ‘he did teach me to ski’, Angela, feet together swish swish parallel stops.

Lynn and Carole who,…

Lynn and Carole who, in the last 7 seconds of the game decided to watch – just in time to see the winning score.

I came to Carl and Lynn’s house looking forward to sharing an afternoon with the gang and without any particular expectations about the game.

Eventually as it became clear the favorites were not going to beat the spread, well, then it got good. All the better if the underdogs would not just beat the spread but Win. That was fun.

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