’06 January after Asia

Back from SE Asia for half the month and mostly just gathering my wits, and 88 and stil great!, and More.

Reflected self-portraits at…

January 29

J Paul Getty Museum

Reflected self-portraits at the Getty. Click the link above for what I hope is a refreshing update of the chapter here on this awesome place. And on another but related note The Villa is Open For Business! Oh Goodie. Brigitte was right in line at the beginning and she got us tickets for June. They are booking up fast!.

(Burton Weinstein)

It was Angela’s birthday…

January 28

It was Angela’s birthday several days ago (the 24th – I’ve not been so Johnny-On-The-Spot with these pictures!) and I bounced the baby in her carriage while Angela got a chocolate manicure. Chocolate paraffin dip, chocolate lotion, chocolate splash. More like a chocolate scent, not much to eat here, but it was fun. Even the scene looks chocolate!

Rome goes out to…

Rome goes out to dinner in celebration of her mother’s birthday! She was Perfect. But we knew that already. She smiled and looked around and then snoozed through most of the eating. So well behaved and so advanced for her age.

We’re off to the…

We’re off to the Queen Mary for Mom’s Double Double Birthday. Because she IS the Queen.

The Queen Mary turned out to be a really great choice for a venue. It’s less than a hour away, the accommodation was not nearly as ratty as I feared, and restaurants and entertainments were just a few steps away and easily maneuvered in the wheelchair. (This picture is from a previous occasion.)

Here we are on…

Here we are on tour! Notice the crown and the scepter. She clung to that thing the whole time and gave the royal wave whenever the opportunity arose.

Happy Birthday Mom!
Happy Birthday Mom!

I think I know…

January 22

I think I know what day it is! I knew I had to get back from Vietnam in time to stare at the ceiling long enough so that by my mother’s birthday I would know the day.

I’ve been mostly just letting the clock catch up with me – have to go see Rome though! – and hopin’ to stay awake until dark. I’m due at Mom’s in a half hour so I’d better get going!

Lona, Windy, and I are taking her out for an overnight double double massive festivo. She’s 88 she’s 88 and we have to say everything twice. Everything twice. I’m already begging for mercy! Mercy!!

Welcome home! Here’s…

January 17

Welcome home! Here’s one of Angela’s holiday photos of my perfect gorgeous grandbaby Rome! So clever, so sweet, so advanced for her age.


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