’23 September

You’re So Sweet Kathleen

Kathleen, Elaine, Carolynn, Eileen, Cheyenne

My across-the-street neighbor Kathleen invited other neighbors over to her house for Happy Hour and Bon Voyage. That was so sweet!

Happy Birthday Rome And Lilly

I’m going to be gone (again!) for their birthdays so we had an early celebration today!

But first I went to lunch with Carter and Rome. Carter is sweet and withstood my barrage of questions with style and grace.

Then we dropped off Carter and picked up Lilly for our arts ‘n crafty outing at Color Me Mine.

Lilly’s is a strawberry cow mug with a shelf to hold the cookies in his mouth.

Rome’s is a treasure box.

Mine is a vase with all our hand prints. Rome said “like we’re five”. Yes! Only with much larger hands.

Merlyn And The Long Beach Murals

We had a plan to go to a festival where many mural artists were working on pieces at the same time. Unfortunately that date was for Hurricane Sunday so we had to cancel. We did a little walk-about today and it was fun!

You can click on this link from Long Beach Walls to see all the pieces from many years. Here are some of what we found, in the order we found them. We had an excellent walk using the Long Beach Walls maps but many of the spots seemed to be missing their murals.

Last Of The Season

That’s Marsha and Kelly from last week’s show at the Hollywood Bowl, the show I went to with Jo Ann, Alan, and Muriel. This is Marsha’s and my last tickets of the Bowl season. We’re here to see Mozart Under the Stars. It was a lovely show, not one of the wowzer shows, all the pieces call for a pretty small orchestra and for me the venue is better served with a big sound, but lovely nonetheless. And I am a big fan of Don Giovanni.

A highlight was the conductor. He’s old and specializes in Baroque music, probably not in the running for the music director position with the LA Philharmonic, but I thought he was 100% adorable and would watch him any time.

The internet calls him Nic McGegan and he’s quite the charmer. The violinist was of course excellent.

The program contained Mozart’s Overture to Don Giovanni, Violin Concerto No 5, and Symphony No 38 Prague.

Sylmar Hummingbirds

From Marsha and Tom’s front porch. We saw Barbie. At the beginning I was so optimistic, wow I thought, this is really clever and funny, and then it got less funny and more focused on making its point, but Ryan Gosling’s Ken was a kick all the way through.

An adorable Barbie and a cutie-pie Ken at the theater.

Gideon And Sam Got Married

Gideon and Sam got married at the Thousand Oaks Courthouse on the 30th, an ‘elopement’ that everyone knew was happening. And then they had a delightful reception for family and friends on the 2nd. Mazel Tov dear ones! Of course, Celina made the cakes!

And the dogs!

Nice on the tables.

This and a catered BBQ lunch. Yum!




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