’04 November

On the road again, and the start of a new chapter – click HERE.
Also a lot of family and friends and More.

You can click …

November 19

You can click HERE to see the rest of the really Really Swell bon voyage party with the Crystal gang at Jade West.

This is another go…

November 6

This is another go at processing that pano-rainbow from the Susanville trip. Better on the rainy ground, better on the distortion, worse on the color blending.

We had our family…

We had our family Thanksgiving on Friday (No Pix!) and on Thursday I spent a lovely day with Paul and Gretchen and their friend Diane in Las Vegas. We did some serious touring and ate the whole turkey business at 10pm.

Last weekend we went…

Last weekend we went to the Science Center downtown to see the Body Works show.

It was utterly amazing. Check this out and see what you think – click HERE.

This is as far…

Novenber 27

This is as far as I’ve got for the latest school project and now I’m off to Oregon with all my fingers and all my toes crossed in hopeful anticipation that this cheap-o 1964 trailer will work.

You can click HERE to see this thing bigger.

What about the rest of my life from the 19th to the 27th? No pictures, so I don’t remember. Not even One single picture from Thanksgiving so that will be gone soon too. I just got back from a nice fete at Nancy’s and still, no pictures. It’s just a phase I guess.

I loved it when I was learning Tai Chi and at one point I was bemoaning how I couldn’t remember a certain kick sequence and the teacher said ‘oh, never mind, don’t worry, it’s just a phase.’ What a great class.

These pictures are for…

November 18

These pictures are for Kathy and Rick to meet Hilda and Merlyn. Kathy, having visited Iran earlier in the year, is going to loan me her clothes to wear when I go with Hilda in March. How cool is That!

Hilda is standing in front of a collection of postcards from the carpet museum in Tehran and the descriptions are mounted below. I’m go’nna go there too! So ComeOn Guys, let’s give peace a chance…

Family, and more about…

Family, and more about carpets. Being in Persia and all, I might just have to buy me one of those Persian carpets!

Thanks to everyone who…

Thanks to everyone who was able to come and to extend such kind good wishes. And many thanks to Dale for signing the check and to Robert for taking these pictures. I’ve mooshed the pictures together for the sake of brevity but still it’s me me all about me.

Left to right, top to bottom:

Boban, Veronika, me, Robert, Chris.

Yesterday I went with…

November 16

Yesterday I went with Angela to the zoo. We really like to go to the zoo and always every time we have some new adventure.

In the morning there were plenty of children at the children’s park and here is Daddy’s Sweet Baby Girl. He was cooing and oohing with this child like you wouldn’t believe. You know how it is – there’s something about the babies…

We watched this kangaroo…

We watched this kangaroo family for the longest time, long enough for Angela to go through about a roll of film. They were quite entertaining as the baby was nursing, the dad was lolling around in various luxuriating positions, and the mom, it seemed, was simply attending to things.

Another quick catch-up!Ruth’s daughter…

November 14

Another quick catch-up!

Ruth’s daughter Judith and The Judge. Judith made a lovely birthday party for Ruth, a real grown-up affair with a yummy selection of hors d’oeurves served on silver trays by handsome young men. Didn’t stop us from hootin’ it up though.

OUCH!! OH NOoo….

OUCH!! OH NOoo. Ljubi Fell!

And is she ever p*ssed. The landlords had left a broken fence for weeks and she caught her pant leg in one of the loose pieces and that fence Threw her to the ground. It messed up her leg and hip too.

Big fat bummer!

What is it with…

What is it with these guys? Brian, aren’t you just a little bit too old for a mid-life crisis?!? Marija said she said fine fine just be careful. Brian! Be Careful!!

So now we’ve got Brian and Jack tearing around on these rumble machines. Everybody out there, watch yourselves!

Dawn at the pier….

Dawn at the pier.

I get up when it’s still dark, I go out there and find a place to park and I decide, standing in front of the car, well, I’ll just leave my bag, just take the camera and tripod because why do I always have to be lugging this stupid bag around everywhere I go and etc. etc. You can guess – the battery ran out and I didn’t have my bag!

Taking Aiko to see…

October 20

Taking Aiko to see her son in Susanville.

Racing up the I-5 to make it to the Harris Ranch exit in time for this remarkable (and shockingly pano-distorted) sight.

Happy birthday Maryanne and…

November 4

Happy birthday Maryanne and Becky! We went to a restaurant with a Russian chef recommended by Veronika in honor of Maryanne and Becky’s return from their fabulous Russian vacation. I got to look at the pictures all by myself and have my own personal travelog. Very fun!

Maryanne prides herself on not smiling for photos. Why would that be? Sometimes I just liquify a smile onto her face (ha!) but not this time.

All gone – and…

All gone – and after a few ‘Hey, what’s with This?’ nips on the shoulder, everybody calmed down and settled in to enjoy a nice sunbath. Kids, don’t try this at home…

Here is this knockout…

Here is this knockout guy having just executed the most amazing landing.

He came in something like the space shuttle, or the sst with wings wide and beautiful and perpendicular to the ground and then there were two perfectly poised wing motions and a tai-chi like balletic few dance steps that happened at the very end.

I’m sure the whole powerful yet delicate process is documented somewhere on the nature channel.

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