’18 February

Hola! I’m leaving mid-month for (click for the story…)
Three fabulous weeks in Puebla, Mexico!

Oh goodness, I’ve got…

Oh goodness, I’ve got more pictures for a week even but I’ve been distracted by my trip! More COMING since it’s 5am and I’m leaving for the airport!

So many fun meals,…

February 11

So many fun meals, my kitchen is Happy. That’s the tart Celina made for our dessert.

Steven, Celina, Celina’s mom visiting from El Salvador.

Merlyn and I made…

February 10

Merlyn and I made a yummy dinner in my kitchen. It’s the second time we’ve done it together and what fun. He brought tuna caught by his own hand while rockin”n rollin’ out in the Pacific Ocean.

Raffi came too for a while and this is a selfie from Hilda waiting outside for Raffi’s transport back to his care home.


Susie and I walked,…

February 8

Susie and I walked, ate, walked, and had a nice visit the whole time. Thanks for coming out!

Lona, Hartley, Trevor, and Windy came over for a late lunch on the 9th which kicked off a three day dining extravaganza.

Ann’s friend Kat was…

February 7

Ann’s friend Kat was in town and they came out to the house for a tour and some girl’s night out. Thanks for making the journey!


We had three birthdays…

February 5

We had three birthdays at Becky’s. She made that magnificent cake, everyone brought a feast and then…

…we distributed 30 birthday…

…we distributed 30 birthday cards (Ann’s friend Kat was there too) without even one duplicate. It is amazing every time that happens!

Ljubica, Alicia, Marija

Breakfast with Kathleen. …

February 4

Breakfast with Kathleen. I’m finally happy with the frittata: 1)ingredients 2)1 cup grated cheese 3)4 eggs; edges cooked, 10 minutes at 350.

Sharon and I walked at the beach and it looked like this for the first hour!

(internet pic)

Bonnie came over for…

February 3

Bonnie came over for a stroll around her old neighborhhod which happens to be a few blocks from my current neighborhood. The lake and river at the park is a lot bigger than it was when they were here…and there are Too Many Ducks.

Then I went out…

Then I went out to play with the girls while Darryl and Angela had a date night.

We did a very fun little photo shoot at the beach and then had dinner there, and dessert, of course.

Lilly in heart glasses.

I’ve spent a lot…

February 1-2

I’ve spent a lot of the last several days with my older sister Lona because of an unexpected hospital stay for her husband Hartley. Hartley’s condition seems back to normal with his infection under control so they’re going home tomorrow. Now everyone needs to SLEEP.

(internet pic UCLA-Santa Monica)

Below are some pictures I’ve been collecting.

Windy’s older son’s daughter…

Windy’s older son’s daughter and son, Anya and Xander, dressed up for a ’50’s party. Xander is with a friend I don’t know, and how is it, just yesterday they were adorable little kids.


Windy’s younger son’s son,…

Windy’s younger son’s son, Jack, lives in Texas and the school was holding a contest for pictures for the State Fair and Rodeo. Jack made it to the finals but I don’t know what happened after that.

It’s so good! Look at the stomping hoof and the flying fence and those wonderful clouds of dust. Good job Jack!


I bought a groupon…

I bought a groupon based on Windy’s recommendation for a full body stretch, where a professional therapist twists you up like a pretzel. It felt great.

She told me I stand wrong. And then she told me I walk wrong. All in the sweetest possible way. What she said actually feels right and I’m going to try to take her advice.

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