’06 from Mid March

Rome of course, Marija, H&M, Lazos, raining, downtown, and More!

Today I bought a…

March 31

Today I bought a newspaper and then read it while I ate lunch. I haven’t actually bought and read a whole newspaper in months, using the internet as I do for reading. It was fun and good and different, not so click here click there bounce around what was I looking for anyway? like I do on the internet but a very much more peaceful exercise and in the end, an essentially satisfying experience. I might do it again real soon…

El A! A…

March 30

El A! A classic feature of downtown, the auto courtyard of the AAA building at Adams and Figueroa. Palm trees, arches, pink. Blue sky and puffy white clouds. That about does it.

(Automobile Club of Southern California, Downtown Los Angeles, Adams and Figueroa)

Hurray! Robert sent…

March 29

Hurray! Robert sent this photo of his gorgeous children and his fabulous wife. Good job Robert! Are those kids just the cutest and their mom is fabulous, yes, and mighty darn gorgeous too.

And on a personal note… Robert was my first Photoshop mentor – I would hang over his shoulder: Slowdown howdidyoudothat. SlowDown howdidyoudoThat. SlowDOWN HOWdidyoudoTHAT! I’m sure I said thank you at the time but now I’ll say again, Thank you!


It’s raining. A…

March 28

It’s raining. A view out a north-facing window – and this is from an email I sent to the Valley Girls: “It’s a treat for me to stay home when it’s raining since the construction guys next door can’t work with their hydraulically powered clanging, howling tools that make you feel like you are on another planet in the waiting room of some mad mutant dentist.”

I took a few…

March 26

I took a few shots flying in to Honolulu for my plane change on the way home from Kauai. I was hoping for the Pearl Harbor scene but no go.

It started out like…

March 24

It started out like this, that I was going to use just three of these thirty pictures of my perfect and adorable grandbaby Rome. But three was just not cutting it. So four I said. I’ll use four. That was getting tough too and anyway four is not so Feng Shui and it is a dangerous number in Korea (remember how the elevators are marked 1-2-3-F-5) so five, that’ll be it. Just five pictures of my perfect and adorable grandbaby.

Angela says we need…

Angela says we need some more babies around here. Not hers necessarily, just somebody’s because obviously these grandparents are in need of a few more grandbabies. And to that I say, Bring ‘Um ON.

XO does this all all all the time, standing with a quizzical expression nose to nose with Rome and not once have I seen him take the inevitable washcloth swipe across her mouth. Notice the sitting up by herself!

Babies ‘R Us alright!…

Babies ‘R Us alright!

I did this new thing while I was sick and although it could not actually do any healing I did feel better exactly while I was doing it. I did the whole tea thing (boil water, get a cup, which is a whole big thing when you’re sick) and for flavoring I used a Robitussin Menthol Throat Lozenge. It melts up nice so the hot water felt good on my throat and the steam felt good in my nose. Almost anything is worth a try when you’re sick like dog. I’ll do it again if it comes to it.

Hey kids! Surf’s…

March 21

Hey kids! Surf’s up!! Hilda and Merlyn in Maui. You go! (Brought to you by Photoshop magic. Hilda – who took the pictures?)

(Day four and I’m still sick. Just keeping track, looking for a pattern. Same old same old. Last time I can remember was at the end of April ’05 and it went on for weeks. Oh Mercy Mercy!)

Hi Cutie! I’m…

March 20

Hi Cutie! I’m on my third day of a hack-‘n-sneeze fest and will hold off on my chance to kiss sweet Rome on the top of her perfect golden head until I won’t then follow up with a hack and/or sneeze.


On arrival at the…

On arrival at the Na Pali coast viewpoint in Koke’e State Park you could see Jack Squat Nothing NADAVille as the whole place was socked in with fog. And then ‘wait! I think I see something!’ ‘Wait, I think I see something too!’ And after about 3 minutes the fog had dissolved to reveal this stunning vision. What a treat.

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