’01 the Holiday Season

My Century City Office…

My Century City Office Tower Holiday Decorations. What won’t they think of next.

The whole lobby was full of these painted white branches, with red and green leaves and several hundred red and white birds and twinkle lights all wired together into huge tree shapes and then, the important part, sprayed with red and silver glitter.

And draped from the center of the ceiling of the two story atrium? Acres of thick red bunting.

Also at Maxine’s. …

Also at Maxine’s. I got to play some lively games with these two girls (oh yeah, without the moms and without the grandmothers too, way Fun!)and no it does not bother me even one little bit that my friends are grandmothers. Grandmotherhood is, I am absolutly certain, one of the greater states of grace.

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