Gran’ma’s photos

All those…

Mother’s Day 2006

All those bracelets have the names and birth stones of her children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She was having a good day!

It’s Windy’s birthday and…

September 2006

It’s Windy’s birthday and we are all gathered around MOM because she is the center of the universe. Windy, Penny, Lona, Hartley, Rupa, Flor.

This is fun -…

This is fun – my mother, her parents, and brother, back in the way olden days…just a few years off the boat.

The funeral is tomorrow, Saturday, at 10AM at Grace Community Church in the SF Valley, 11-ish for the luncheon reception also at the church, and then 3:30 for the grave site at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, on Forest Lawn Drive.

At the beach in…

sometime in 1948

At the beach in San Francisco. We lived across the street. And that cute little girl would be Me!

At Dr Jerian’s…Mom’s once…

At Dr Jerian’s…Mom’s once a week job making a little money to give away to her missionaries. I think she started when Lona was gone, I was in High School and Windy was younger? I don’t remember exactly. She did this job for several years.

I think this would…

I think this would be some time in the ’80s since I was already at Princess Cruises – Mom took Grandma Rose through the Panama Canal and they had f.u.n.

Here’s Mom from Mother’s…

Here’s Mom from Mother’s Day where she looks so chippy.

This day she said she wanted to go up in a hot air baloon for her 90th birthday which is the first time she has mentioned the future in Months. A few days later she said she wants to go to Switzerland!

Mom and her dear…

Mom and her dear friend Geri McCall. Geri is our safety net so that when one of the caretakers can’t make it she’ll fill in for which we all say Thank You and Huzzah!

This is my mother…

September 20

This is my mother and her adorable and saintly Doctor Ashley. I know I said my dentist was a saint and I said my doctor was a saint but those guys have to deal with a rather diluted version of my mother: me. Dr Ashley Has my mother and from what I can tell that brings saintliness to a whole new level.

I should also mention that Mom makes everyone in the office call her Gran’ma. She won’t answer to any other name and she says points and says ‘you’re supposed to call me Gran’ma’ should anyone slip. I was witness to some poor nurse who kept say ‘but you’re not My Gran’ma’ and Mom refusing to be moved.

I want to praise my big sister for making everything about the care of our mother possible. I want to praise my little sister for her time, talent, and the gift she gives us, for all she does for our mother. Our mother is soo lucky I am not her only child. Her TIAs are taking her mind but she is neither paranoid nor hallucinatory. For this we are grateful every day.

ps I rented the movie ‘Iris’ and wept for about 5 hours. The acting is phenomenal. I do not recommend it.

The motion we use…

October 2006

The motion we use to indicate that Mom is the center of the universe and we merely rotate in her orbit. Trevor, Christa, Beth, Caleb, Hartley, Lona, Geraldine, Charis, Mom.

Here she is! …

January 22

Here she is! The Birthday Girl!!

89 years old today. And she hasn’t let up on her new mantra – do you know how long it takes to be 90? It takes a looong time!

So for our skit this year we did a list of ‘how long does it take…’ and she smiled and nodded in appreciation.

The meal was lovely including a huge box full of goodies Rupa sent from India. We all got a big kick out of tasting everything. There was not one English word on the packaging which made it even more fun!

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