’07 January

Mom’s BDay (do you know how long it takes to get to be 90?), Mom’s Rehab, Angela’s BDay at the zoo!, POP, The Grove, Rome (surprised?), Holiday Fotos from Friends, and More.

Here she was playing…

Here she was playing so cute with her toys but when it’s just us and she sees my camera she neeeds to come and get that camera. She wants to make a trade. Clever girl.

Yesterday Sandy came by…

January 30

Yesterday Sandy came by for a little lunch and it was my regular Monday dinner with The Valley Girls.

Today it rained so I took it as a sign and never went out. I got dressed thinking I’d go out but then there was always something else that could use doing.

And it’s kind’a neat to just stay in on a rainy day.

(original from AllPosters, messed with by me)

This was fun! …

Jaunary 28

This was fun! I went to the West LA Public Library to meet the Pacific Ocean Paperfolders who gather here on the last Sunday of every month. POP-get it… They use an old-time-y photo of the Santa Monica pier for a logo.

I wanted to get some tips on my origami project. Nobody was doing my ‘thing’ but it was interesting and helpful anyway. Wow, all these are Bennett’s models of toys to make in paper and he will gladly show you how.

It really was entirely…

It really was entirely entertaining. All these participants were very friendly and enthusiastic. They run the program from 2-5. I had to leave around 3:30 and people were still arriving.

Thanks guys!

This and the next…

January 27

This and the next shot are from dinner Friday night at Merlyn and Hilda’s place up on Mulholland. They don’t just cook up a dinner. Oh No. They print out recipes and cook a feast every time. Yum-eee.

Here at the fabulous gate (behind which is a bbq area and a fabulous fountain) is Jake the Dog, once the Jake of Alex and Carol, but since A&C are out-to-sea Merlyn and Hilda have adopted Jake and he’s their dog now. They actually wanted a dog. Go figure.

I’m standing by the…

I’m standing by the back patio, shooting into the glass and out to the view. That fireplace is a dream of a fireplace separating the double-living room. It’s a beauty all right.

I think I’ve taken this picture many a time and look forward to taking it many more times too.

My mother told me…

My mother told me today that she was pretty excited because she was going to be 100 in a just two years. She was rather surprised by this, she said, but reported it as fact.

Mom, I said, what makes you think you’ll be 100 soon? Oh, she said, since I’m 98 now. How did she get this idea? Well…her birthday balloons have been twisting around…

Meet Frank! My…

January 26

Meet Frank! My car broke down right in front of his very eyes. He said ‘oh, it’s this’ and then fixed it right up. He’s at the Mobil station on Pico and Beverly Drive. Say ‘Penny with the Daewoo told me you were great.’

(The story is actually much longer but making it longer here will certainly not make it any more interesting.)

Point Point Point. …

Point Point Point. Check out both her adorable little hands. She went around the whole time just pointing and pointing.

Rome enjoyed the orangutan…

Rome enjoyed the orangutan but she reeally enjoyed this boy. They laughed and pointed at each other and pointed at the orangutan. He ran to his reflection. ‘Whooo, am I in there with the orangutan?’

Since Bill is back…

January 23

Since Bill is back in town we had another Happy Birthday for Ken. Happy Birthday Ken!

Bill’s daughter Mindy came…

Bill’s daughter Mindy came too. I was also in this picture as was our server, but it’s my website, and I looked like a pile of poo so I cut myself out, because I can. The rest of them are plenty cute though.

Here she is! …

January 22

Here she is! The Birthday Girl!!

89 years old today. And she hasn’t let up on her new mantra – do you know how long it takes to be 90? It takes a looong time!

So for our skit this year we did a list of ‘how long does it take…’ and she smiled and nodded in appreciation.

The meal was lovely including a huge box full of goodies Rupa sent from India. We all got a big kick out of tasting everything. There was not one English word on the packaging which made it even more fun!

Here’s Mom accepting birthday…

Here’s Mom accepting birthday greetings on the phone. She tired toward the end and would just hold out the phone for someone else to deal with. Do you know how long it takes to get to be 90?

Here’s Carlos, Lona and…

January 20

Here’s Carlos, Lona and Hartley’s full time guy who helps keep all those tenants happy and the properties up to L&H standards. Standards, I should add, that far exceed my own.

Killer lunch at Muri…

January 19

Killer lunch at Muri complements of Dale in honor of his own retirement. Congratulations! You’re gonna love it, like I need to say so.

L&H had a big…

L&H had a big tree in one of their apartment yards. The wind said bye-bye to the tree and the tree took out the light pole. Joe and his buddy Mike just had to have their picture made.

Mom came home from the Rehab yesterday and today she fell flat on her backside, sliding under the walker and requiring the para-medics to get her up off the floor and to treat her scrape wounds. They did agree not to schlep her off to the ER for which we are all grateful. Now what?

Two days ago I…

January 18

Two days ago I saw Letters from Iwo Jima and it was definitely worth the time. I should add though that the characters were, I think, highly romanticized, to make as sure as possible that the viewer feel connected and sympathetic (and manipulated.)

Today I took photos for L&H vacancies to do the craigslist ads, did my Japanese lesson, and had dinner with Bill.

I was busybusy with small deeds and good fun, just the way I like it.

I met Angela and…

January 17

I met Angela and Rome down at The Grove today. This guy had a cart full of Crocks. This is his own suggestion for a pose, by the way. Everybody is lovin’ their Crocks but I see now why, from Mr Crock’s explanation, they’re not for me.

Crocks are meant for hours and hours of comfortable standing. Walking is not in the equation. When do I stand for hours? I can’t remember the last time.

It’s hard to resist those colors though!

We went to PBK…

We went to PBK (Phi Beta Kappa? no, Pottery Barn Kids) and played with their toys while Angela went shopping.

Check out this child’s ensemble. Perky do, classic coat, the blue jeans of every girl’s dream, and what a cool pair of shoes.

There were tons of other kids wandering around too. It was like a roll-by play group.

This is the view…

This is the view from the top of the parking structure at The Grove. There is a 360 degree view to the horizon, really. Downtown to Palos Verdes Estates, past Century City into Santa Monica, UCLA, Hollywood and the Hollywood sign, bam, and back to downtown.

It’s awesome up here and if you’re ever at The Grove, a visit to the top of the parking structure will be the highlight of the trip. Unless you get to play with Rome of course and then that would be the highlight of the trip.

Since getting in and…

January 16

Since getting in and out of the car is so hard for Mom, Lona and Karen packed her up in the wheelchair and rolled her down the few blocks from the Rehab to the doctor’s office.

She just loved that. We’re thinking we’re going to roll her somewhere for her birthday on Monday. She’ll be 89 and her latest bit is to say to everyone ‘do you know how long it takes to be 90? It takes a Very Long Time!’

Mom will be leaving the Rehab on Thursday. She has been two days now in great shape and the two previous days we thought each day might be her last. Who Knows?!?!

This house (a picture…

This house (a picture from a while ago) is across the street from my mother’s apartment. I am always taken by the way the trees frame the view.

Here’s Hilda, my friend…

January 13

Here’s Hilda, my friend from Iran and someday we’ll travel there together; her mom who came over here about a year ago; Merlyn, my oldest friend in this crowd with whom I’ve actually played golf; Hilda’s son Raffi.

(studio portrait)

This is Lourdes, her…

This is Lourdes, her daughter, and her grand-daughter. Generations of fine women.

Holiday photos from friends: another blessing!

(studio portrait)

Cousin Alert!Here are two…

January 9

Cousin Alert!

Here are two of Windy’s three grandchildren – the third is in the next picture down. These are Lucas and Betsy’s kids Xander and Anya. They’re living in Germany now and we haven’t got to enjoy their company as often as when they lived here.

But we can look forward to hearing them speaking German!


It’s Windy’s youngest son…

It’s Windy’s youngest son Travis, his lovely wife Lainee, and Sweet Cali May. I can hardly wait to hear the voice of our own Southern Princess Sweet Cali May, Texas Sweetheart born and bred. ‘Haa y’alll!’


I was too weary…

January 8

I was too weary to drive out to the valley for dinner tonight but there’s nothing like a good movie to take you out of this world.

And I got to go twice. Yesterday was Ken’s birthday. We saw Dreamgirls and ate a late dinner. Today Brigitte was back in town and we saw Volver and ate an early dinner.

Both movies were exactly as advertised and certainly Oscar bound. If you like Almodovar you’ll like Volver and Penelope Cruz was particularly wonderful. The acting in Dreamgirls was really surprisingly very good too. I was not as taken with the Diana Ross character, but that woman from TV was hot, and Eddie Murphy took to his James Brown impersonation like the proverbial duck.

I’ve still got quite a list to go before Oscar time!

Yea! The kids came…

January 6

Yea! The kids came to visit Gran’ma-GreatGranny. Lona is trying to lure Rome forward by turning her pointing finger into a worm-train. ChooChooo inch-forward ChooChooo inch-backward. Angela smiles indulgently. I’m sure it would have worked eventually, all in good time, just not yet.

So I scooped her…

So I scooped her up for the photo. Mom smiled and greeted everyone warmly. That was nice. She also spaced-out plenty. What’s wrong with her anyway? We-Don’t-Know.

Come to think of it, I don’t remember one other time when a camera was pointed in her direction and she looked away. That is so strange. I think we should report this to her doctor.


Then we had a…

Then we had a nice lunch with Windy after which we stopped off at the pet shop down the street where Rome had some Real fun. Then we got coffee and a little pastry, and watched the ducks at Douglas Park. What a lovely day!

I’ll do up the…

January 4

I’ll do up the pictures of Rome’s far too adorable playgroup tomorrow. Right now I am counting my blessings.

But first, notice the view. This is the view from Mom’s room at the Rehab and each and e.v.e.r.y time she sees it she says ‘it looks like we’re in San Francisco’ and then I say ‘it looks a little like San Francisco but you know you are in LA because of the palm trees.’ We have exchanged these sentiments approximately 268 times so far.

Blessings tied to this picture: 1) my sisters 2) I can walk 3) I can walk to the Rehab 4) I’m retired (I can not even Conceive of this situation and hauling my *ss to the office) 5) when Mom is watching videos of episodes of ‘Monk’ she is entirely happy.

Another Grandbaby! Oh…

Another Grandbaby! Oh Boy! Here’s Nancy’s Charlieee! What a grown-up; what a guy. He is being a butterfly, and a gorgeous one at that.



Look! Here’s another one! It’s Becky and her grandbaby Lana. Becky is GaGa for Lana.


The roof blew off…

January 2

The roof blew off my garage. There it was one morning, littering the yard. According to L&H’s 100% honest and top notch roof-man, you can’t get cheap roll-on roofs anymore. So I’ve got a guaranteed 30 year roof on my 85 year old termite infested weeds-in-the-cement garage. That roof is gon’na outlast me. Whether the building will outlast me is another matter.

Actually I have no idea how well the roof is attached but man-o-man did they do a good job cleaning up. That’s right, not a soda car or McDonald’s wrapper or nails or blobs of gunk to be found. I have Nothing to complain about. Wow!

This is the new…

This is the new wing of Saint Johns Hospital. Arnie has been here for his leg. During the same time my mother was in the old wing with the nurses who couldn’t get themselves transferred to Arnie’s floor.

You saw that picture…

You saw that picture from last month, moving Mom from Saint Johns to the Rehab. It could be worse. This facility has some Rehab but also a very large Nursing Home service so we were all really pessimistic about Mom getting much out of it. But actually at least the Physical Therapy is very attentive, kind, and maybe even pretty good although about that I have no way to judge.

Meet Otis, the dog of the daughter of one of the therapists. DogDogDog EVERYbody loves Otis. ‘Otis come here Otis.’

…and cleaning this woman’s…

…and cleaning this woman’s toes. There is also a huge aviary with dozens of breeding pairs in nesting boxes. It was surprisingly cheery down here.

Today: Mom’s for shower,…

Today: Mom’s for shower, physical therapy, and lunch. Then bank, video, ceragem, origami paper, library, market, a couple NZ chapters, photos.

The by now only new-ish Santa Monica Library is still really nice. I stopped by to look for a specific book but they didn’t have it or any of its sister books. Amazon has it though. But I still like the library.

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