’07 Jan: Rome’s Play Group

Rome and her friends in January.

Let’s Play!! It’s…

January 4

Let’s Play!! It’s the first Play Group of the year and here we have, from the left: Pregnant(!) Holly & cousin Carter, Charlean & Sydne, Emily & Zoe, Beth & Kayla, Heidi & Sydney, Angela & Rome

There are many participants in this lively group who come whenever they can make it. They do up the schedule well in advance, so you know your day to host, and it seems not to be much more than once every 2-3 months.

Check out Carter – lookin’ left, lookin’ right, finally center. Kayla is right, left, right. Kaitin is center, up, down. And etc. and etc.!

Snacks on the counter…

Snacks on the counter and toys on the floor. You can see all six kids in this shot from Darryl’s office. Makes you wonder, up here being the corporate headquarters of Zodeca Company LLC, but a nice pair of headphones, a good sense of concentration, and you’re there.

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