’21 July


Why All the Cars

Marsha and I walked over to Bergamot and home through the Water Garden office complex. We arrived at the Water Garden at noon straight up. Where are the people? We certainly have evidence of their cars!

That’s my car.

Some This and That

That’s a house from a walk-about in the ‘hood.

Happy Birthday Liz! And thanks to DAR&L for making a lovely party and including my birthday too. Back in June they were moving in so we decided to wait and have a double-fete and a cake came out of the new oven!
Can’t say I’m full of joy on this repair. I called an expensive ‘real plumbers’ company because they show up right away, and water was pouring into the rental. I could tell it was a hard job because of the tight quarters.

Lill and Tony’s bathroom, almost done. There was a lot more work than just this and it looked good – moving walls, adding and subtracting closets, so much painting. Good job you guys!


Bill sent this picture of him and Mindy at Ride Across Iowa (…for 468 miles!).


Look what happened to Carl. Having a great time in NY. On arrival home he had to be rushed to the hospital with an inflamed prostate. Had the surgery and after three days, home sweet home and feelin’ good. Pictures from Carl’s facebook.


If I’m not careful I Will find myself mad. I started to write about all the things that make me mad and it only made me feel more mad. But you know, oh you know.


Visiting the Shutmans

Steve and Celina have finished the total remodel of their new home in Camarillo. Camarillo, where the weather is always delightfully cool and fresh. I didn’t fully realize how total the remodel was. They took that entire house, walls-ceilings-floors, down to the studs! It’s wonderful in there now.

Their home is in the Camarillo Leisure Village and the amenities and activities, the beautiful lawns, the community gardens, the security, etc, they are so happy and if you know Steve you know that’s saying something!

I’m so glad Celina got to continue her gardening because YUM!


In the world of what should we eat now, Celina reigns supreme.

I got to visit with Gideon too, twice! And his lovely girlfriend of more than a year, Sam, joined us for dinner.

Celina, Bagel, Marley, Steve
From the next day when Sam and her girls enjoyed an LA tour (Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Pier, Original Farmer’s Market, Griffith Observatory.) “Appearing is Mom (Sarah), Auntie (Sharon) and Grandma (Lisa)” and Sam but not in this order… sb.

Steve, Celina, Gideon, and I met up for a brunch in downtown Camarillo and had a stroll through the shops and the farmers’ market after which I made my way home, 24 hours of Good Times. After so long apart, what a pleasure!

From the living room wall, here we have Ronald, me, Steven, and Celina as drawn by their friend David during a dinner party in 2019. For a year or so a group of eight got together for a meal many times. Maybe it’ll happen again soon?

Lilly and Roxi AND

Tessa and Rome and Lilly AND


today, riding in the car, these guys introduced me to Olivia Rodrigo. Olivia Rodrigo is the voice of teenage angst. They all knew all the words to all the songs and sang along with gusto. Oh my goodness.

Walking Around

Blooms in a tree.


Out my back door, full house and everyone’s home.

Sunday Brunch at the Yacht Club

Me in a salty window at Alex and Carol’s yacht club where we enjoyed a delightful Sunday Brunch with Rick and Jim. What fun!

Alex, Carol, Jim, Rick
Then Rick and Jim got to enjoy a tour of live-aboard life.

There were some detours involved in getting to the parking due to a triathlon crossing our path.

Merlyn and Hilda were home too so I swung by on the way out to admire their remodeling progress. They were due to be finished around the same time as D&A. Let’s just say it’s pretty exciting in there. No need for excruciating details…but they are living in a construction zone having moved back in at the due-date, optimists that they are. They have been taking frequent trips though, and more scheduled in the future!

The shower tile and the toilet wallpaper in the master bath are in, and the toilet flushes(!) but that’s it for the water in this room.

From the condo, the most action I’ve seen out there since Covid.


The Hammer

At first, from the door, I thought that rock was an homage to Levitated Mass (I love Levitated Mass) but, upon approach, no.

That’s me and Jerry, reflect-o.

Here comes Art Speak and photo from their website: “The Los Angeles–born sculptor Patrick Jackson works with both discrete objects and immersive installations. Jackson’s Proposal for a Monument examines the ability of public sculpture to communicate to both present and future populations and to be, as Carl Sagan wrote in a different context, “a symbol invariant of all [the] possible changes.”

“Jackson aggregates objects around the geometric structure: a “rock,” a drinking fountain, original furniture made by his grandfather for the Culver City house where both Jackson and his mother grew up. These additional elements counter the monumental ambition of the sculpture but simultaneously present meaningful objects, ones that we touch, gather around, and remember.”


We had intended to have lunch here because I read On The Internet that the café at the Hammer was open. It is not, but there are plenty of restaurants just across the street.
After lunch we came back to have a wander through the galleries. This is Jill Mulleady, Someone left the cake out in the rain (triptych), 2020, images and a street lamp of present-day MacArthur Park.
Crazy, right?! That’s Jerry reaching out. It’s one of those things that needs to be seen to be believed.

From the website: “While living in Paris in 1960, Nicola L. started developing her Pénétrables, a series of canvases into which viewers could introduce parts of their bodies, getting into the skin of the painting. A magnum opus of this series, La Chambre en Fourrure (1969) was conceived as a playful environment, and yet it conveyed a strong political statement addressing the individual’s social envelope. Viewers were invited to insert their legs, arms, and faces into the outer shell of the freestanding “room” and would find themselves costumed in the work. The version of La Chambre en Fourrure on view here is a reconstruction of the original based on documentation compiled by the estate.”

Which Is Which

It’s unagi, Japanese freshwater eel on the left and anago, saltwater eel on the right. Unagi has more fat, it’s softer, it’s more expensive, and generally the default choice. Anago can be crispier if they leave it in the toaster oven long enough. (internet photo)

Ann and I always enjoy our June Happy Birthday Sushi Extravaganza and often it turns into July before we have a chance. One of Ann’s previous colleagues, Zenaida, joined us too. Ann always gets eel for last order and now we know which is which!


omg, look at us, 74, 75, 73. Happy Birthday!

Day 3 of 3

Beach Day! As well as Fun including:

Brunch at Creme de la Crepe, and here’s a fruit crepe for Lilly.
After brunch Lilly went straight to giving Oliver a bath since we were dropping him off for a play date with his pal Dude while we took Tessa to the beach. lk.

The contractor was over to go through the (rather long…) checklist of what was left to be done.

Oh the excitement, oh the joy, Lilly’s soon-to-be hanging chair came! lk.

A little before and after on the front door. ak and lk.

We had an excellent time from morning until night for three days, all our plans worked out tickety-boo, and then D&A got back around 8 tonight, I left shortly thereafter, got home, and took to my bed!

Day 2 of 3

First thing in the morning the painter Pete came by to take off the front door, paint it, and put it back. Eight hours later the door was back up. Check it out, sooo many ridges. He sanded, primed, sanded, and painted all in that tent.

Lilly did my fingernail polish!

The cabinet guy was here to put the counter top on the island. He’s got more to do!
The zoom memorial for Kent. Darryl and Angela went to Denver to be with the family but because Lilly isn’t vaccinated yet I stayed at the house with the kids. There’s going to be another much bigger memorial here in LA in August.

Sweet dreams, time for me to go to sleep too!

Day 1 of 3

After taking Darryl and Angela to the airport, Rome, Lilly, and I took Oliver to the PetCo for a new toy. We got him two frisbees and wow did he have a Ton of fun playing Go Get It. He wasn’t perfect at bringing it directly back but with the two, there was always one to throw and he would enthusiastically Go Get It.
He wore us out.
Next we did our meal planning, made a list, went shopping and got everything we’ll need including one meal out every day. This is Lilly’s selfie.
We had dinner at Spumoni, an Italian place that took the place of our favorite Indian place. It was good and the patio spot carved out of the parking lot was comfy, well spaced, had heaters, all good. This is Rome’s picture liking how the glass was reflecting the colors.
And the bread and the tapenade was delish.

Back home for the night, I must be sitting in Oliver’s place because he snuggled himself right in while Lilly and I watched the Pixar movie Luca and an episode of The Office and Rome went to bed with a slight fever. Fingers crossed for a normal temperature in the morning!

Lilly took this picture.

Susie and the Sea

We walked at Point Vicente Interpretive Center, strolled around Terranea, and ate a delicious lunch at the Green Temple in Riviera Village in Redondo Beach. What a good time we had!


Awww. Thanks Susie for all the treats!
The original lens from the Point Vicente Lighthouse, a highlight at the Interpretive center. The very interesting video shows the dis-mantling and reassembling of the Fresnel lens.


A Week of This and That

The butterfly roses are making themselves known. And speaking of growing things I had another fuss about the trees. I paid plenty for an arborist to tell me things. Gardens. It’s always something.

Marsha and I went to the movies again. We love going to the movies. Then we went up to Élephante, a new rooftop bar/restaurant specializing in oh-so-fancy cocktails next door to the Laemmle in Santa Monica. It was F$N.
Left, Lilly’s nails and I’m sure this weekend she’ll give me a posh treatment too. Above, the kitchen when your kitchen is a construction zone.
Oh my goodness I spent a little time every day fussing with the rental since my new tenant is coming on July 10th. I had professional cleaners come too so I’m feeling ok. Fingers crossed she’s happy!
That’s Alex bringing the dingy over to the dingy dock to take me for a ride. It was so cool. He also came up to help me with my chores that required a ladder, or more than two hands, or technical skills that I do not posses. Thanks Alex!
Alex and Carol’s home aboard Nepenthe docked here in the Long Beach harbor.
We cleared out most of the oranges that were ready, there are still a few for the future and the next crop is already the size of walnuts.
From about 6:30a until 8a every morning I get to enjoy This happy bathroom rainbow.


All events that include Hilda require at least some dancing. A woman after my own heart.

SEMI-retired she wants us to know because Hilda always has a dozen activities on her plate. But she’s retired from her 9-5 and that’s huge. Hilda and Merlyn put on a totally delightful festivity at Parker’s Lighthouse in Long Beach. These are a few of mine and Merlyn’s pictures. (I took a little poetic license with Merlyn’s…his are the well-lit ones.)

Here’s the whole crowd: Debbie, Moe, Mazad, Karen, Jim, Hilda, me, Carol, Alex, and Merlyn in the mirror taking the picture.


Hilda, I’m so excited to be there and be amazed at what’s coming next for you!  Merlyn, what a DEEElightful party!  Debbie, CONGRATULATIONS!  Mazad, lovely as always to have the pleasure of your company!  Moe Shabasni, now when I hear your stories I can see your face in my mind!  Karen and Jim, I look forward to our next visit when we can talk about places to go and things to do!  Carol and Alex..YOU..you know who you are!

Cheers to all y’all!

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