Day 3 of 3

Beach Day! As well as Fun including:

Brunch at Creme de la Crepe, and here’s a fruit crepe for Lilly.
After brunch Lilly went straight to giving Oliver a bath since we were dropping him off for a play date with his pal Dude while we took Tessa to the beach. lk.

The contractor was over to go through the (rather long…) checklist of what was left to be done.

Oh the excitement, oh the joy, Lilly’s soon-to-be hanging chair came! lk.

A little before and after on the front door. ak and lk.

We had an excellent time from morning until night for three days, all our plans worked out tickety-boo, and then D&A got back around 8 tonight, I left shortly thereafter, got home, and took to my bed!

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