Sunday Brunch at the Yacht Club

Me in a salty window at Alex and Carol’s yacht club where we enjoyed a delightful Sunday Brunch with Rick and Jim. What fun!

Alex, Carol, Jim, Rick
Then Rick and Jim got to enjoy a tour of live-aboard life.

There were some detours involved in getting to the parking due to a triathlon crossing our path.

Merlyn and Hilda were home too so I swung by on the way out to admire their remodeling progress. They were due to be finished around the same time as D&A. Let’s just say it’s pretty exciting in there. No need for excruciating details…but they are living in a construction zone having moved back in at the due-date, optimists that they are. They have been taking frequent trips though, and more scheduled in the future!

The shower tile and the toilet wallpaper in the master bath are in, and the toilet flushes(!) but that’s it for the water in this room.

From the condo, the most action I’ve seen out there since Covid.


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