Some This and That

That’s a house from a walk-about in the ‘hood.

Happy Birthday Liz! And thanks to DAR&L for making a lovely party and including my birthday too. Back in June they were moving in so we decided to wait and have a double-fete and a cake came out of the new oven!
Can’t say I’m full of joy on this repair. I called an expensive ‘real plumbers’ company because they show up right away, and water was pouring into the rental. I could tell it was a hard job because of the tight quarters.

Lill and Tony’s bathroom, almost done. There was a lot more work than just this and it looked good – moving walls, adding and subtracting closets, so much painting. Good job you guys!


Bill sent this picture of him and Mindy at Ride Across Iowa (…for 468 miles!).


Look what happened to Carl. Having a great time in NY. On arrival home he had to be rushed to the hospital with an inflamed prostate. Had the surgery and after three days, home sweet home and feelin’ good. Pictures from Carl’s facebook.


If I’m not careful I Will find myself mad. I started to write about all the things that make me mad and it only made me feel more mad. But you know, oh you know.


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