Visiting the Shutmans

Steve and Celina have finished the total remodel of their new home in Camarillo. Camarillo, where the weather is always delightfully cool and fresh. I didn’t fully realize how total the remodel was. They took that entire house, walls-ceilings-floors, down to the studs! It’s wonderful in there now.

Their home is in the Camarillo Leisure Village and the amenities and activities, the beautiful lawns, the community gardens, the security, etc, they are so happy and if you know Steve you know that’s saying something!

I’m so glad Celina got to continue her gardening because YUM!


In the world of what should we eat now, Celina reigns supreme.

I got to visit with Gideon too, twice! And his lovely girlfriend of more than a year, Sam, joined us for dinner.

Celina, Bagel, Marley, Steve
From the next day when Sam and her girls enjoyed an LA tour (Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Pier, Original Farmer’s Market, Griffith Observatory.) “Appearing is Mom (Sarah), Auntie (Sharon) and Grandma (Lisa)” and Sam but not in this order… sb.

Steve, Celina, Gideon, and I met up for a brunch in downtown Camarillo and had a stroll through the shops and the farmers’ market after which I made my way home, 24 hours of Good Times. After so long apart, what a pleasure!

From the living room wall, here we have Ronald, me, Steven, and Celina as drawn by their friend David during a dinner party in 2019. For a year or so a group of eight got together for a meal many times. Maybe it’ll happen again soon?
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