A Week of This and That

The butterfly roses are making themselves known. And speaking of growing things I had another fuss about the trees. I paid plenty for an arborist to tell me things. Gardens. It’s always something.

Marsha and I went to the movies again. We love going to the movies. Then we went up to √Člephante, a new rooftop bar/restaurant specializing in oh-so-fancy cocktails next door to the Laemmle in Santa Monica. It was F$N.
Left, Lilly’s nails and I’m sure this weekend she’ll give me a posh treatment too. Above, the kitchen when your kitchen is a construction zone.
Oh my goodness I spent a little time every day fussing with the rental since my new tenant is coming on July 10th. I had professional cleaners come too so I’m feeling ok. Fingers crossed she’s happy!
That’s Alex bringing the dingy over to the dingy dock to take me for a ride. It was so cool. He also came up to help me with my chores that required a ladder, or more than two hands, or technical skills that I do not posses. Thanks Alex!
Alex and Carol’s home aboard Nepenthe docked here in the Long Beach harbor.
We cleared out most of the oranges that were ready, there are still a few for the future and the next crop is already the size of walnuts.
From about 6:30a until 8a every morning I get to enjoy This happy bathroom rainbow.
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