All events that include Hilda require at least some dancing. A woman after my own heart.

SEMI-retired she wants us to know because Hilda always has a dozen activities on her plate. But she’s retired from her 9-5 and that’s huge. Hilda and Merlyn put on a totally delightful festivity at Parker’s Lighthouse in Long Beach. These are a few of mine and Merlyn’s pictures. (I took a little poetic license with Merlyn’s…his are the well-lit ones.)

Here’s the whole crowd: Debbie, Moe, Mazad, Karen, Jim, Hilda, me, Carol, Alex, and Merlyn in the mirror taking the picture.


Hilda, I’m so excited to be there and be amazed at what’s coming next for you!  Merlyn, what a DEEElightful party!  Debbie, CONGRATULATIONS!  Mazad, lovely as always to have the pleasure of your company!  Moe Shabasni, now when I hear your stories I can see your face in my mind!  Karen and Jim, I look forward to our next visit when we can talk about places to go and things to do!  Carol and Alex..YOU..you know who you are!

Cheers to all y’all!

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