Day 1 of 3

After taking Darryl and Angela to the airport, Rome, Lilly, and I took Oliver to the PetCo for a new toy. We got him two frisbees and wow did he have a Ton of fun playing Go Get It. He wasn’t perfect at bringing it directly back but with the two, there was always one to throw and he would enthusiastically Go Get It.
He wore us out.
Next we did our meal planning, made a list, went shopping and got everything we’ll need including one meal out every day. This is Lilly’s selfie.
We had dinner at Spumoni, an Italian place that took the place of our favorite Indian place. It was good and the patio spot carved out of the parking lot was comfy, well spaced, had heaters, all good. This is Rome’s picture liking how the glass was reflecting the colors.
And the bread and the tapenade was delish.

Back home for the night, I must be sitting in Oliver’s place because he snuggled himself right in while Lilly and I watched the Pixar movie Luca and an episode of The Office and Rome went to bed with a slight fever. Fingers crossed for a normal temperature in the morning!

Lilly took this picture.

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