’03 testing B-I-G

Including: taking those d100s and using bigger files for the web.

This is a compound…

This is a compound of very small, attached cottages right on Venice Blvd.. Ever since ‘they’ painted it this amazing popsicle color it has had a magnetic effect on my eyes. I pulled up to the parking lane and snapped this pic through the window.

Testing my efforts to…

Testing my efforts to learn about skin tones. I didn’t try to manage their faces separately but clearly their coloring is very different. She was closer to the strobe, which no doubt had some affect.

Aside from the color I could clean up those faces in a simple flat second. Looking back through the old pictures on omoshiro I am utterly amazed and agape and Appalled by the embarrassingly bleary red badbadBad color. Ewwwou.

OK, so how do…

OK, so how do we feel about these colors? They just came back from spending the day at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire getting cooked inside and out. So the slight sunburn is how it was. Was John ever more adorable?

An essentially Italian restaurant….

An essentially Italian restaurant. Cao Bella! I took this using the 28-80 zoom at its fullest extent and then clipping out maybe half the picture and without too much light either.

So if you were shooting film what you’d expect is a grainy foreshortened picture with soft highlights. But this is digital and what you get is a grainy foreshortened picture with soft highlights. Those guys at Nikon are awfully good.

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