’23 November


I had a hearing test today. I got all the words 100% but on the beep tests, some loss in the high tones. The audiologist said I could get hearing aids if I was suffering quality of life issues but it was perfectly normal “at my age”. He said I could also put it off and check again in a year. Perhaps unfortunately for my family and friends, I took the put-it-off option.

Mostly About Dinner

I got to have a nice visit with Alex and Carol aboard Red Sky and then – Look What Merlyn Did!

And we all Loved It!

Merlyn, Hilda, Carol, Alex

And check this out, Merlyn and Hilda are now a Two-Tesla His-and-Hers family.

Nearly Full-Size

I went with Marsha to see The Holdovers and then we had dinner with Tom. And then we did a little >< walk. I ate a left-over Halloween candy before dinner, a candy after dinner, and a candy for the ride home, begging for mercy.


Below is the refrigerator magnet I got in Italy for Ingalill, my one and only purchase, and forgot to give it to her last Sunday. It’s been sitting in this exact place for weeks. Ingalill has a refrigerator in the house entirely covered in magnets The one in the garage is the same. And there are several large cookie sheets covered in more. It’s an impressive collection!


Angela’s pictures from Halloween. First we had some dinner..

..and then the Taylor Swifts dressed up..

..and then the rest of the gang joined in.

Rome, The Moth, and Lilly, Taylor Swift from Red.

Just A Little Sore

Just a little sore..at the injection site.

Have you noticed how many people you know are testing positive for covid? A lot it seems, although no one has gone to the hospital. For me I don’t want to be sick at all of course, but I Really don’t want to get long covid and what makes it happen and how to get rid of it remains a mystery.

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