’04 Jul: Here Comes the Bride

A plenty big year in My life!

Here Comes the Bride!…

February 15

Here Comes the Bride! Stay tuned here for timely updates! and pix!

At Feb 2004, the wedding is set for Spring 2005, ceremony at the Japanese Garden, reception in Balboa park.

I took these pictures with Angela’s camera and the aspect ratio is different from the camera I’m using now and it was buggin’ me that the cover was not symmetrical. Is there no End to the minutiae that can be buggin’. So I made the previous version that fits. Because I can.

OK, so now I’ve…

OK, so now I’ve lost the contrast… Soon!

The first dress and as it turns out, which we didn’t realize until we looked through the pictures, the current favorite.

But nahh….

But nahh.

This place, David’s Bridal Salon is an amazing place with seemingly acres of dresses, perfect mirrors, excellent changing facilities, professional assistance, all the add-on goodies (the goodies being tiaras, veils, undergarments, stockings, etc. etc. which will cost you at least as much as the dress!).

So why would you go to the neighborhood salon and pay more for fewer selections? Exactly.

This was Angela’s original…

This was Angela’s original favorite until she realized OMG, this was my cousins Exact Same dress! (The reason you Might go to the neighborhood salon and pay more for fewer selections…) How it would look with straps even though she is not getting this dress, no way.

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