’13 June

Off to the Land of ALOHA on the 5th.

It’s all settled, I’m…

June 3

It’s all settled, I’m not going to Iran in September. I wanted to go but the people who are helping Hilda with the visa arrangements said that since I’d been to Israel (not to mention my Jewish mother…) I would be denied a visa, and if not denied then once there, vulnerable for ‘trouble’.

So, no Iran for me and that makes Ireland/Scotland/Wales and a visit to my father’s father’s home village with my little sister more likely.

…to meet Nancy for…

…to meet Nancy for a nice outing. Here she is tucked into the opening of the cool Richard Serra sculpture called “Torqued Ellipse”.

At the Fowler they…

At the Fowler they were having a dance program with arts and crafts in support of one of the exhibits, Resplendent Dress from Southeastern Europe.

The Venice Browns joined…

June 1

The Venice Browns joined with the Hawaii Browns to go to Arkansas to watch Caleb compete in a speech tournament. They then took some time to visit friends, go sightseeing, and enjoy themselves entirely.

The speech tournament is put on by Stoa “a national High School and Junior High Speech and Debate organization serving the needs of Christian Homeschooling families. Stoa offers a National Invitational Tournament of Champions, inviting students from across the United States to perform, speak and debate.”


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